11 Best Cities to Seduce and Date Dominican Women

There’s an allure to the sexy girls in the Dominican Republic. Men from the world over all want to date Dominican women for good reason.

The girls on the island have a lot to offer. Think about the sexy hourglass figures, the stunning mocha-coloured skin, and the fun-loving, feminine personalities that you’ll find in the Dominican Republic.

Man, I couldn’t get enough of Dominican girls before I found the perfect mami chula for my needs. My girl is all I have eyes for now, but before we settled down near the beach, I was exploring the country in more way than one. If you know what I’m saying.

I visited nearly every city in the Dominican Republic that I thought might have cute girls in it. I wanted to experience the culture, I wanted to enjoy a little beach time, and I sure all hell wanted to get some proper Dominican women into my bed.

I did that and more. Man, I enjoyed the hell out of my time travelling around the DR and seducing Dominicanas. Now I want to share what I found during my travels. I want to show other men where they can go to meet sexy girls while living or visiting the Dominican Republic.

How to Meet, Seduce, and Date Dominican Girls

Before we look at all the best cities, I wanted to share how I met girls in the DR. While every city is a little bit different, I found a method to meeting women in the Dominican that literally never, ever failed me during my whole time spitting game here.

I wrote a full article about my methods here, but the gist of it is…

I used online dating before I arrived in every city. I switch my Tinder and swipe the city I was going to about a week before I planned to arrive. I used the methods presented here almost exclusively, although I wasn’t as aggressive.

I also used Dominican Cupid in every city, too. In my opinion, Dominican Cupid is the most used online dating site in the Dominican Republic. You’ll find more hot girls on this site than almost any other in the country.

The girls on Cupid also love foreigners and are fairly open to sleeping with you quickly if they like you. They’re also open to pretty big age gaps. Older men should always use the site.

I went out a few nights a week in every city I was in. Sometimes I went out to meet women, especially in Santiago and Santo Domingo. In smaller towns, I often took a date I met using online dating.

I met some girls during the day, too. Dominican women will make it known if they like you. They will stare and hold eye contact just a little longer than normal. Always talk to girls who look at you like this.

Dominicanas 😉

11 Best Cities to Seduce and Date Dominican Women

If you’re curious where to meet and date Dominican women, you’ve come to the right site. Here I detail the best cities for men who want to date local women in the Dominican Republic. Here they are:

#1: Santo Domingo

If you’re new to the Dominican Republic or don’t speak much Spanish, then you’ll want to stick with Santo Domingo. The capital of the DR is a true player’s paradise if you know what you’re doing.

With over 3 million people in the metro area, you can never run out of women in Santo Domingo. You’ll find thousands of girls using online dating sites and hundreds walking around Zona Colonial or University areas every single day.

The nightlife in Santo Domingo is fantastic and you can find something going on almost every night of the week.

Plus, there’s more girls who have jobs in Santo Domingo and fewer hookers. You’ll still have to worry about chapiadoras here, but you’ll meet more normal girls in the capital than you will working ones.

Until you have a handle on Dominican culture, this is the city I’d recommend spending a good amount of time in. It’ll get you acclimated to how things work in the DR and you’ll definitely meet some sexy Dominicanas.

More Info: How to Meet Santo Domingo Girls – City Guide

#2: Santiago de Los Caballeros

The second biggest city in the Dominican Republic is Santiago de Los Caballeros. If you ask locals where the hottest girls in the country are, they’ll almost always tell you to come to this city of around 1 million people.

Are the women hot here? You bet. Just know that it’s harder to get laid in Santiago de Los Caballeros than it is in Santo Domingo.

It’s a numbers thing, but there’s more to it. Girls here don’t speak as much English as they do in the capital. They’re also not as used to foreigners. Plus, girls from Santiago have been told how good looking they are for their whole life. So you have this going against you, too.

Come here if you have a few weeks or more. Make sure you know some Spanish. Then hit the online dating sites hard. Make sure to message some of the girls from the smaller towns around Santiago, too. That’s a pretty important tip. Then go to Levels every ladies’ night, as the nightlife is great here.

If you do these things, then you’re sure to have a pretty good time in Santiago de Los Caballeros.

More Info: How to Meet Santiago Girls – City Guide

#3: San Fransisco de Macoris

The hidden gem of the Dominican Republic is San Fransisco de Macoris. In my opinion, some of the hottest women in all the country reside in this city. Yet no tourists or foreigners ever even come here.

There’s many reasons for that. It’s dangerous in San Fransisco, Dominican Republic. It’s also fairly third-world and you won’t find modern amenities here. You’ll also need to speak pretty decent Spanish to get by here, as English is not common. There’s nothing to do, either. Except for have sex.

If you know Spanish and are comfortable in an environment where modern luxuries are not around, then you might like it in SFM. I know I did. It’s a small city, so you’ll have to keep your player level a bit hidden.

The nightlife is ok, but online dating is really good here. You will meet far better quality girls online here than you can in other areas in the DR.

San Fransisco, DR.

More Info: How to Get Laid in San Francisco de Macorís, Dominican Republic – City Guide

#4: Punta Cana

Most visitors that come to the Dominican Republic fly into Punta Cana and spend most of their vacation on the resort. That’s just what they do.

If you’re reading this blog, then you’re probably not one of these people, but you still may end up in Punta Cana. If that’s you then, you’re in luck. While Punta Cana isn’t the best place to meet Dominican women, it can still be done.

You’ll probably end up focusing on nightlife in Punta Cana to get laid. Online dating can yield good results, especially in high season. The beaches can be filled with hot Canadian and Russian girls at certain times of the year.

Your best bet is to pipeline hard and make sure you have a few local prospects before you arrive. Speaking Spanish gives you a huge advantage when competing for local girls with all the other foreigners in town.

Having a nice hotel helps a ton in Punta Cana, too.

More Info: How to Get Laid in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (City Guide)

#5: Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata, both the city and the region, were the original resort destinations in the Dominican Republic. The area has been overrun with foreigners for decades.

You can still get laid in this city, but it’ll take a little more effort than other areas in the country. You first need to show any girl in Puerto Plata that you’re not like all the foreigners she sees going to Sosua every single week.

Speaking Spanish is important here or you won’t get laid for free. The good thing is that most foreigners only stay a few days. If you have a few weeks, you’ll find lots of Puerto Plata girls really come around to dating you.

The nightlife here is pretty fun, too. There’s always bars and clubs that combine locals and tourists in the city. I was surprised that there were only a few true clubs in a city of 200,000, but they were fun ones.

More Info: How to Date Puerto Plata Girls – City Guide

#6: La Romana

The women in La Romana aren’t as attractive as the ones in Santiago de Los Caballeros. They’re not even as attractive as the girls in the capital, but that’s more of a numbers thing.

The one thing that stood out to me about La Romana girls was how loyal they were. If I had to pick one city to find a true Dominican girlfriend, again, this is where I would start.

For guys looking to get a loyal Dominicana 10-20 years younger than they are, I’d say La Romana is the ideal place to start. The nightlife isn’t amazing here, but the city is bigger than people think and has a mall and Smart Fit.

Plus, you have great beaches and resorts just 20 minutes away by car. I could see myself living in La Romana for months on end at some point during my life here in the DR.

Downtown La Romana.

More Info: How to Date La Romana Girls – City Guide

#7: La Vega

I was impressed with La Vega, especially the quality of women. They didn’t exceed expectations, as everyone had told me they’d be sexy, but they were pretty good. Dominican women in La Vega won’t disappoint you.

The girls here look a lot like the girls in Santiago. They’re lighter skin Dominicanas. While I definitely enjoyed my time in San Fransisco more than in La Vega, I’ll head back here at some point in the future.

Carnival here is pretty fun, too. Come for Carnival and then stay a few weeks after to sleep with all the Dominican girls you met during the event. Not my first choice for getting off the beaten path in the DR, but certainly not my last.

More Info: How to Get Laid in La Vega (City Guide)

#8: Nagua

No one knows about Nagua. That’s what makes it so good. This tiny beach city is a hot spot for sexy Dominican women. However, there’s a catch. Well, a couple of catches.

You cannot run around acting like a player here. It’s too small. You must focus on quality and a couple of girls. This is true even if you’re only in the city for a week or so.

You also need to know that Nagua girls are thick. Dominican girls are known for being thick, but some women in Nagua take it to the next level. The thickest women I saw in the DR were in this city, although that could have simply been luck.

Come here if you want to enjoy small town beach life for a few weeks and meet some Dominicanas that will show you what curves really look like.

More Info: How to Date Nagua Girls – City Guide

#9: San Pedro de Macoris

I won’t be going back to San Pedro de Macoris. I had high hopes for this city due to the university population, but I did worse here with the women than almost anywhere else. The quality just wasn’t that good.

I was expecting educated Santo Domingo girls, but I found more Boca Chica girls than anything else. It was a little disappointing. I don’t mean to bag on the city, but there are simply better places to go in the Dominican Republic.

If you need to take a week away from Santo Domingo, I could see someone hanging out here, but I’d never live in San Pedro, Dominican Republic.

Juan Dolio beach next to San Pedro, DR.

More Info: San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic – The Ultimate Men’s City Guide

#10: Cabarete

Cabarete is not the best town to get laid in the Dominican Republic, but it’s possible. The nightlife can be decent in high season and you might meet some tourist girls or chicks from Santiago.

The competition here is higher than in other areas. Tourist girls come here to meet Dominican guys and enjoy the beach. Half of the local girls in bars will be looking to make money not love.

Still, I enjoy Cabarete because you can use online dating to invite girls from all of the small towns around the north coast to the beach. Many of these girls will have never met a foreigner before and will take a bus to come see you.

More Info: How to Get Laid in Cabarete, Dominican Republic – City Guide

#11: Bonao

Bonao is a small mountain town in the middle of the Dominican Republic. It’s not even a city. Bonao is a town, which is what some guys will find appealing.

This small town is relaxing and offers great weather. The women are surprisingly attractive, too. You won’t have any issue finding a cute Dominican woman to spend some time with here. She may take a few dates before sex though.

I would go back to Bonao if I was single, again. The women loved me in this city and it’s the perfect place to unwind after spending too much time in the capital.

More Info: How to Date Bonao Girls – City Guide

Where Do You Need to Speak Spanish?

You know that the Dominican Republic is a Spanish speaking country. That’s common sense. Still, English is known worldwide, as it’s the language of business.

Some people come to the DR without any ability to speak Spanish. Is this advisable? No, but it is doable.

There are certain cities where you don’t need to speak Spanish in the DR. Well, it would definitely help things, but it’s not a requirement to stay safe or date hot Dominican women.

Cities where you can get by without some Spanish speaking ability in the DR include:

  • Santo Domingo
  • Punta Cana
  • Cabarete
  • Santiago de Los Caballeros

Santiago might be a stretch. You’d only be able to communicate with Tinder girls and rich people who vacation in New York. The other cities it’s possible, but not recommended.

You’re best off learning a little Spanish before you go. Just grab a program like this and study for 2-3 months before you go. I promise you’ll be having conversations with ease in no time. All you have to do is follow the program.

If you speak some Spanish but want to brush up on things for dating, I have THE solution you need. Pickup Spanish was a course created for men travelling to Latin America who want to seduce Latinas and get laid.

They want you to speak Spanish.

Dating Dominican Women: Where Should You Go?

For most men interested in Dominican women, the capital of Santo Domingo is the best city to check out. Here you’ll find the most women, the best English, and out of this world nightlife. Due to the number of women, you’ll have a great shot at getting laid here.

The formula for meeting girls in the Dominican Republic is simple. It doesn’t matter what city. Dress well, speak Spanish, enjoy the party out at night, and sign up for Dominican Cupid before you go. You’ll date Dominican girls if you can follow this plan!

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