How to Get Laid in La Vega (City Guide)

Curious about how to get laid in La Vega, Dominican Republic? Wondering whether La Vega girls are sexy or not? Well, you’re in the right place.

After spending two weeks in La Vega, I wanted to detail my experiences with these sexy girls from the middle of the Dominican Republic. And trust me, the girls were certainly sexy and exceeded my expectations from such a small city. Just make sure you speak some Spanish before you go.

Dating Dominican Ratings

– Looks of La Vega Girls: 4/5
– How Easy Are La Vega Girls: 3.75/5
– La Vega Overall: 3.25/5

Breaking Down La Vega, Dominican Republic

  • Populations: Depends on estimates, but roughly 125,000 in the city. 
  • Costs: Cheap, but pickings are slim online. Expect to pay $15-35 a night for a one-bedroom apartment or ok hotel room. If you’re staying for a month, you can get furnished apartments for $250-500 – depending whether you want “Western” style amenities or not. 
  • Safety: Overall, I felt fairly safe in La Vega, Dominican Republic. People in the DR will tell you everywhere outside a resort in Punta Cana is unsafe. It’s not true. Be smart and you should be fine here. 
  • Climate: La Vega is a hot and humid city. Average temperatures hover in the 80s most days, while 90s are fairly common. 
  • Tourism: La Vega is known around the Dominican Republic for its wild Carnival celebration each year in the springtime. However, the city is next to Jarabacoa, a mountain town that’s cooler and filled with adventure tourism like white water rafting. 

La Rumba.

What Do La Vega Girls Look Like?

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. La Vega girls are sexy. Found in a more mountainous area of the Dominican Republic, girls in La Vega will look a lot like girls from neighboring cities like Santiago.

This means girls here will generally be lighter skinned than the average Dominican girl. Often, the girls here will have milky white skin and stunning curves. If you like Dominican girls, I promise you won’t be disappointed in La Vega.

Many men claim some of the sexiest girls in all of the DR originated in this small, hot, and humid city. You’ll have to come to La Vega and find out for yourself.

Where to Stay in La Vega, Dominican Republic?

Now, this is where things get difficult but simple. If you want women, all you need to do is stay in the center of La Vega. The city isn’t that big and I didn’t get a grip of which barrios where which.

However, anything in the center near Duarte Park. Hotel El Rey or Hotel Pegasus should be just fine in La Vega, Dominica Republic.

Sex in La Vega: Is It Difficult?

Not at all, if you use the right online dating sites. While I wouldn’t rely on nightlife to get you many bangs in La Vega, you will get plenty of women with the proper online dating sites.

The thing about La Vega, Dominican Republic is that it’s a small city. As such, you won’t be able to go out every night of the week or run around the streets all day talking with chicks. You’ll run out of opportunities quickly.

The good news is meeting girls on the Internet is crazy easy here because they rarely see foreign men. You’ll have great value and any woman that meets up with you will probably bang you on the first or second date.

The only reason she wouldn’t? Well, there are definitely some virgins in La Vega, even on Tinder.

It should be noted that you must speak Spanish to get laid here consistently. Without conversational Spanish, you will struggle with the women here. Not many people here speak English, much less young and attractive girls.

How to Get Laid in La Vega, Dominican Republic

If you want to get laid in La Vega, Dominican Republic, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive in and show you how I did it. My first week in La Vega I did the dirty with three pretty girls and then spent the rest of my time in the city with my favorite. Here’s how:

Online Dating

The best way to meet chicks in La Vega is online dating. Just like all other the DR, there’s a few sites that feature tons of active girls. You’ll want to use these sites:

If you want to get laid in La Vega, Dominican Cupid is an absolute must. Why? Because you’ll have more attractive targets here than anywhere else.

There’s around 200 girls active in La Vega every month on the site, and many of them are fairly attractive. As a traveler, you should have your pick of the litter – if you have a little game.

My favorite La Vega girl was from Dominican Cupid, so there’s some pretty solid quality, too. If you plan to spend a few weeks in the city, a membership is well worth the cash.

Dominican Cupid is best in La Vega, but you’ll run out of targets after a few weeks. There’s another 100+ women using Latin American Cupid every month in La Vega.

For travelers staying long term in La Vega for some reason, using LAC will be valuable, too. I would only use this site if I was staying for more than a few weeks.

Tinder is useful in La Vega, but you won’t find a ton of La Vega girls on the site. In fact, I ran out of swipes within five minutes of using the app.

If Tinder is the only online dating app you use here, you may not meet many women online. It’s just not a Tinder kind of city in my eyes.

Day Game

It’s a smaller city, so you can’t run around approaching chicks all day in La Vega. You’ll instantly get a bad reputation as a foreigner.

Plus, there truly aren’t any ideal day game spots in La Vega. Still, there’s some good news. You can pretty much talk to any cute girl you see walking around the city. All the girls working in shops will be bored and many chicks will flat out stare at you as you walk by.

The best way to meet women during the day in La Vega is when you’re doing your normal stuff. Chat up the girls at the gym, in the supermarket, or walking around the plaza.


I only went out a couple times in La Vega, but I was kind of impressed. The city has some fun spots for such a small place. If you’re in town, check out:

  • Cacique Bar
  • The Club in Plaza Azura Mall (Can’t remember the name)

Both of these places are pretty decent and will give you some opportunities to meet chicks. Just make sure to speak with the local guys, too. Or you could get cockblocked hard, as it’s a small place.

Nightlife in La Vega.

Speaking Spanish in La Vega, Dominican Republic

100% yes! You absolutely need Spanish to get laid in La Vega. La Vega girls will rarely, if ever, speak English. If you want to get some sex in La Vega, you will need to speak Spanish.

Luckily, that’s pretty easy. Just start here.

How to Meet La Vega Girls – Your Detailed City Guide

That’s it. That’s how you meet La Vega girls. How to get laid in La Vega? Get a Dominican Cupid membership and talk to girls as you go about your daily life. If you speak Spanish and do just that, you’ll meet some stunning women in this city.

P.S: Don’t forget to sign up for Dominican Cupid. Just click here!

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