San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic – The Ultimate Men’s City Guide

I wasn’t too impressed during my stay in San Pedro de Macorís. After my time in other cities in the Dominican Republic, I had high hopes. This coupled with the fact that there’s a good sized university here led me to believe the city could be an incredible place for the traveling man.

There were hot Dominican girls here. Don’t get me wrong, but the quality just couldn’t compete with places like Santiago or even the capital, Santo Domingo. I don’t recommend men spend too much time in this mid-sized Dominican Republic city.

If you want to go and find out for yourself, feel free. San Pedro de Macorís is right on the ocean and there are wonderful beaches all around the area. Not all is lost in this city, but it’s not the best place for a man looking to date Dominicanas.

Dating Dominican Ratings

Looks of San Pedro de Macorís Girls: 3.5/5

How Easy Are San Pedro de Macorís Girls: 3.75/5

San Pedro de Macorís Overall: 3.75/5

Breaking Down San Pedro de Macorís

  • Populations: 200,000 people live in and around San Pedro de Macorís.
  • Costs: Cheap. While I found the north of the DR to be a little cheaper than San Pedro de Macorís, you’ll find great value here.
  • Safety: It’s pretty safe here. If you don’t have issues in Santo Domingo, you’ll be fine here.
  • Climate: Hot and hotter. This is a very tropical city.
  • Tourism: Go to the beach in Juan Dolio. Or go to any of the beaches nearby.

What Do San Pedro de Macorís Girls Look Like?

Overall, the San Pedro de Macorís girls look a lot like the girls in Santo Domingo. Except there’s one major difference. Santo Domingo has all the high-end, educated chicks in the DR, along with the best job opportunities. Girls in Santo Domingo can take better care of themselves because they have more money to do so.

San Pedro de Macorís girls.

Girls in San Pedro de Macorís look decent, but the quality just isn’t high on average. The skin tones here tend to be a little darker than in places like Santiago or Moca. The bodies are also not as tight and toned as other areas of the DR.

You’ll still see the thick Dominican hips and solid busts here. Don’t get me wrong! It’s not that bad. Just saying it’s not as good as other areas.

I met a few women here over the course of a week. I’ve done better in almost every other city in the DR. I just couldn’t seem to find a stunner no matter where I looked. There were a few fine women online, as tons of girls use online dating here. But I didn’t get as good response rates as I normally do. Maybe my game was off for the week.

Where to Stay in San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic?

Anywhere you can find. There aren’t many options here. I stayed in a rundown Airbnb apartment that barely had working Internet. I was not thrilled. I should have tried to find a decent hotel. I heard rumors Hotel Royal was ok and let girls come back no questions asked. I just didn’t stay there.

I’d say your best off staying closer to the university. Anywhere between the university and the river is perfectly fine:

Small city, anywhere in here will work.

Sex in San Pedro de Macorís: Is It Difficult?

I wouldn’t say it’s hard to get laid in San Pedro de Macorís. Sex in San Pedro de Macorís isn’t that difficult. I was upset about the quality. It was harder to get hot, hot women out on dates here than in other places in the Dominican Republic.

I chalk that up to there being less really good looking girls here than in other areas of the country. I could be completely off and just had bad luck. That’s just the vibe I got. If you meet a girl on Dominican Cupid or Tinder, there’s a good shot you’ll get laid in San Pedro de Macorís after one date, although it may take a couple if you don’t drink any alcohol.

How to Get Laid in San Pedro de Macorís

The good news about San Pedro de Macorís is you have some options here. While I wasn’t thrilled with any of mine, you might have better luck. I found more women online here than in any other small Dominican Republic city.

Online Dating in San Pedro de Macorís

It’s the Dominican Republic, so you’ll always want to use online dating. There are tons of women using sites and apps in San Pedro de Macorís. The best ones I found include:

  • Dominican Cupid: Nearly 400+ women between the ages of 18-35 use Dominican Cupid in San Pedro de Macorís every single month. That’s a lot of prospects, especially when there aren’t many other foreigners in the city. Response rates and the looks of the girls are average, but you can make up for it with quantity in this city.

  • Tinder: More girls use Tinder in San Pedro de Macorís than in most small Dominican cities. I got a good amount of matches here and it definitely took longer to run out of swipes than in other towns on the island. Quality was ok, but some of these women were especially eager to meet a traveling man.
  • Badoo: Tons of girls still on Badoo in San Pedro de Macorís. I didn’t use it, but my travel partner did and he seemed happy with the results. If you have an account, it’s worth it to use Badoo here.
  • Latin American Cupid: If you’re going to be in San Pedro de Macorís for more than a few weeks, Latin American Cupid may be a decent investment. You’ll find 300+ women use the site every month in the city. Over half of these women don’t use Dominican Cupid. So, you’ll have some good variety on LAC in this Dominican Republic city.

Day Game

I didn’t put much effort into day game in this city. Not going to lie to you guys. I’d say trying to sneak onto the university would yield the best results. You could also wait outside the university when classes are getting out and see if you meet some Dominicanas that way.

Making approaches on Juan Dolio beach wouldn’t be a bad call, either. Just know you’ll probably have to talk with her friends for a bit, too. The Malecon isn’t too full during the day, but you’ll see a few opportunities every hour or so.

Nightlife in San Pedro de Macorís

The one redeeming quality of San Pedro de Macorís was the nightlife. Partying on the Malecon during the weekends was one hell of a time. There was also a few cool bars near the university. For a small Dominican City, the nightlife in San Pedro de Macorís.

Try checking out these San Pedro de Macorís nightlife spots:

  • Malecon Center
  • Riverside Bar
  • Madere Prestige

While certain spots were pretty fun, I still say the best nightlife in San Pedro de Macorís is found on the Malecon. If you want to party, just go down there and start the night. The women look good and you’re sure to have some fun.

Speaking Spanish in San Pedro de Macorís

You can get by without Spanish in San Pedro de Macorís. There’s a decent sized medical school here and a lot of girls on Tinder will speak a little English. While it’s definitely possible, I really wouldn’t recommend it.

Outside of the medical students, you won’t find any girls who have a decent grasp of English – unless they spent way too much time in Boca Chica. Those aren’t the type of Dominican girls you want. I’m absolutely positive about that.

You’ll need to speak some Spanish. The easiest way to learn is with Rocket Spanish. If you can’t speak anything, this program will take you from “hola” to having full conversations in under three months time. It’s incredibly effective.

If you speak some Spanish already but want to brush up and make sure you know how to flirt in the romance language, then Pickup Spanish will help you out. This program is ideal for the traveling playboy looking to seduce Dominican girls in San Pedro de Macorís.

Juan Dolio beach.

How to Meet San Pedro de Macorís Girls – Your Detailed City Guide

I may have been too harsh on San Pedro de Macorís. The city does have some great things going for it. You have the fun nightlife on the Malecon, the good-sized university population, beaches close by, and tons of women using online dating.

While I didn’t do that well with the ladies here, maybe you will. Once you figure out how to get laid inSan Pedro de Macorís, you’ll kill it. There’s only one way you’ll ever find out. Get down to the Dominican Republic and come visit San Pedro de Macorís for yourself. Just make sure to sign up for Dominican Cupid before you arrive!

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