How to Meet Santiago Girls – City Guide

When talking about Dominican girls, most men agree on one thing. And one thing only! The best looking women in the country are Santiago girls. Santiago de los Caballeros is known around the world for stunning light-skin women.

The good news? The reputation holds up. Santiago girls are absolutely stunning. If you’re looking to meet gorgeous Dominicanas while on the island, this may be the best city to do it.

Below you’ll find everything you’d ever need to know about meeting, greeting, and seducing these stunning women. I detail everything I know about sex in Santiago here.

Dating Dominican Ratings

~ Looks of Santiago Girls: 4.5/5

~ How Easy Are Santiago Girls 3.5/5

~ Overall City Rating: 4/5

Breaking Down Santiago de los Caballeros

  • Populations: Nearly 1 million people. Santiago de los Caballeros is the second largest city in the Dominican Republic.
  • Costs: Santiago is cheap! You can rent apartments here for under $500 USD easy. Restaurants are cheap and bottles in the club won’t break the bank, either.
  • Safety: Santiago de los Caballeros is safer than Santo Domingo. I’d say the city is also safer than many of the beach towns on the north coast. You’ll still want to avoid flashing money here.
  • Climate: Santiago is a “mountain” city in the Dominican Republic. As such, it’s not nearly as hot here as in other parts of the country. But, this is still the Caribbean. Santiago is a warm city. Expect 70s & 80s most of the year.
  • Tourism: Santiago de los Caballeros isn’t a city built on tourism. However, you can find things to do here. For example, there’s 27 Waterfalls (close by), La Aurora Cigar Factory tour, and El Monumento.

What Do Santiago Girls Look Like?

Attractive Dominican girls from Santiago.

This is why you’re here. You want to know more about Santiago girls. You want to know what the hottest women in the Dominican Republic look like. Well, you’re in the right place.

After spending some time in this relaxing city, I’ve been able to date some true stunners. Girls in Santiago de los Caballeros tend to be lighter than girls in other parts of the Dominican Republic. Their skin tone usually looks like someone who is half-black and half-white. I found the girls here look skinned or mixed.

For guys looking for less Indian mixes and lighter girls, Santiago can be paradise. The bodies here are still incredibly fit, as this is the Dominican Republic. I found girls in Santiago tend to have larger asses than their Santo Domingo counterparts. However, girls in the capital seem to have larger breasts on average.

Overall, the hottest women I’ve seen in the Dominican Republic have been in Santiago. If you like the Instagram model look, then this could be your city. There has to be more Instagram-model looking girls here than anywhere I’ve been.

Where to Stay in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic?

Santiago is a smaller city. While there are nearly a million people here, it’s not a huge place. I can only make a few recommendations regarding where to stay.

The absolute best neighborhood is Los Jardines. I’d venture to say that Los Jardines is the only neighborhood in the city that’s truly walkable for expats. If you live here, you’ll be able to walk to clubs, bars, gyms, restaurants, and supermarkets.

Outside of Los Jardines, you should stay as close to El Monumento as possible. The monument is kind of considered the center of the city. Everyone knows where it is and logistically, you’ll have access to everything you need.

Where to stay in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

For hotel recommendations, I’d start with Matum Hotel. If you’re in Santiago for less than a week, this spot is absolutely ideal. There’s even a bar and club on-site.

If you want to stay in Los Jardines, I’d check out Hotel Los Jardines. It’s reasonably priced and offers incredible logistics.

Sex in Santiago: Is It Difficult?

Model-like Santiago girl.

The girls in Santiago de los Caballeros may be stunning, but they can be difficult. To be honest, you’re not going to meet as many women here as you would in Santo Domingo due to the population. There’s just not as many girls to work through online.

As such, you’ll want to focus your efforts here on meeting and dating high-quality women. There are stunners here, but they do take some work. I’d say white foreigners will have less value here than anywhere else in the DR, as many Santiago girls have been to New York a lot.

Speaking Spanish is also huge here. Less population means less women who speak English. While the girls are seem to be a bit more educated than in Santo Domingo, I can’t say English levels are through the roof.

Now, I may have made Santiago de los Caballeros seem incredibly difficult. It’s not by any standard except Dominican standards. You’re still sure to have great success with the women here if you put in some effort and speak some Spanish. It may just take an extra date or two.

How to Get Laid in Santiago de los Caballeros

If you really want to know how to get laid in Santiago de los Caballeros, keep reading. I detail everything you’d ever need to know to get some sex in Santiago. I’ve lived in the city. I’ve hung out with locals and expats. We’ve talked about women. Here’s what I know:

Online Dating

The easiest way to meet girls in Santiago is through online dating. Online dating is the bread and butter of meeting women in Santiago de los Caballeros. While you won’t find as many women using the sites as in Santo Domingo, there’s still a solid amount of chicks online here.

What are the best online dating sites in Santiago, Dominican Republic? Here are my top two:

By far the best online dating site in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Cupid has over 1,000 active women between the ages of 18-26 in the city – every single week! You’ll have tons of options on this site. Plus, the girls here are incredibly responsive. It seemed like every active girl I messaged here responded favorably.

I found that the women using this site are truly looking to meet men from other countries. So your targets are already pre-sold. All you gotta do is sign up and start sending some messages. Just make sure you communicate with them for a few weeks before you arrive.

Tinder also works well in Santiago, but there just aren’t that many girls. I’d say there’s only 200-300 active girls on Tinder at any given time in the city. Santiago girls just don’t use Tinder as much as women in other countries do.

The good news? If she’s on Tinder in Santiago, then she’s definitely looking for foreign guys. When I matched with a girl in Santiago de los Caballeros, I’d have a much better chance of actually getting her on a date than in the capital or around Punta Cana.

Day Game

This is where Santiago de los Caballeros becomes difficult. There’s really no ideal day game spots throughout the city. In fact, I got so few women from day game here that I almost stopped doing it. Luckily, I found a few ideal spots.

First thing first…If you’re in Santiago, you cannot pass up a daytime opportunity. If a cute girl makes eye contact, go talk to her. Do not wait.

Here’s a few places that are good:

  • Bella Terra Mall
  • Body Shop Gym (PUCMM campus)
  • Gold’s Gym
  • El Monumento (around sunset)

…Now, don’t expect any of these places to be absolute goldmines. They won’t be. However, you can expect to get eye contact and a few numbers from each spot every now and then.

I don’t recommend abandoning day game in Santiago de los Caballeros, but it should never be your primary way to meet girls in Santiago.


For a smaller city, Santiago de los Caballeros does have decent nightlife. If you’re living here for under 2-3 months, you shouldn’t get bored with the nightlife scene. It’s a lot of fun. Many of the spots are smaller, but they go hard.

Here are a few of my favorite places:

  • Levels: The best club in all of Santiago is Levels. The spot simply cannot be beaten. I’d recommend checking it out on Wednesday during ladies’ night. Levels also pops off on Saturday, too.
  • Dubai Club: This is an semi-upscale spot that’s incredibly popular with the Dominican girls here. The setup is just ok, but the music is fantastic and there’s no doubt the chicas love it here.
  • Tribeca Lounge: If you’re looking for variety, Tribeca Lounge is another Santiago staple. You’ll find some really hot Dominican women here, but be careful. Most chicks here have dates.
  • 75 Grados: Just like the Santo Domingo club, 75 Grados straight smacks in Santiago, too. Expect urban beats and a good time. This place is small and in Los Jardines. I’d start my night here often and sometimes never leave.

Santiago de los Caballeros smacks!

Speaking Spanish in Santiago de los Caballeros

Due to the smaller population, you won’t find tons of women who speak English in Santiago de los Caballeros. If you’re truly dedicated to meeting Santiago girls, you’ll need to speak some Spanish. The more you speak the better you’ll do with the women here.

Luckily, it’s not too tough to learn. If you want to learn Spanish to meet women, just click here.

How to Meet Santiago Girls – Your Detailed City Guide

Overall, Santiago de los Caballeros is a great place to meet Dominican girls. In fact, it’s one of the best cities in the country if girls is a priority. Santiago girls can be stunning, and the average girl here looks better than anywhere else in the country.

How to get laid in Santiago de los Caballeros? Just use the information above and I’m confident you’ll have more Dominicanas than you know what to do with – without paying them!

Get started meeting girls now by signing up on Dominican Cupid!

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