How to Get Laid in Cabarete, Dominican Republic – City Guide

If you’re curious how to get laid in Cabarete, Dominican Republic – then you’re not alone! The city is a tourism hotspot and filled with amazing beaches, but it can be damn difficult to meet women here.

Why? Because the white women on vacation in Cabarete often are attracted to the Dominican men, while the Dominican girls you meet out at bars in the small town tend to be working girls looking for your money.

If you’re a foreign guy, it can be damn tough to get laid here. Plus, Cabarete has a small, but active water sports and bodybuilding scene. So, it’s even hard to get tourist girls looking to meet English speakers and Dominican girls on vacation here. The competition can be stiff!

Luckily, I found away around all of this. Well, a couple ways. After spending five weeks in Cabarete, I was able to meet more than my fair share of sexy birds. I’m going to show you how to do the same.

Dating Dominican Ratings

Looks of Cabarete Girls: 2.75/5

How Easy Are Cabarete Girls: 2.75/5

Cabarete Overall: 3.5/5

Breaking Down Cabarete, Dominican Republic

  • Populations: 15,000, although the town is bigger than that due to all the expats and travelers.
  • Costs: Cabarete can be as cheap or as expensive as you make it. You could easily find a studio apartment away from the beach here for $400-500 a month. You could also spend $200 a night on a stunning ocean view hotel.
  • Safety: Safe enough, but not as safe as I’d like it to be. You shouldn’t have many issues here if you’re a seasoned traveler, but there’s always somebody looking to catch you slipping on the north coast of the DR. The most dangerous part of life in Cabarete is the motorbike accidents.
  • Climate: Tropical. This is a beach town. Sandals and board shorts are all you need. Rain isn’t a huge issues outside November and December.
  • Tourism: This is a tourist hot spot. There’s ecotourism, health tourism, sex tourism, and more water sports than you could imagine. Cabarete is a world-class kitesurfing destination.

What Do Cabarete Girls Look Like?

That’s a bit hard to say, as there’s just not that many “local” Cabarete girls. Most of the girls living in Cabarete are from other parts of the Dominican Republic, especially from Sosua and Puerto Plata City.

Plus, you’ll have tourist girls from all over the world. As such, it’s a waste of time trying to pinpoint what these girls will look like. Generally, the local Dominican girls will look like they’re from Puerto Plata.

The quality of Cabarete women here is honestly hit or miss. During certain weeks, you’ll have a plethora of tourist girls and local Dominican girls from Puerto Plata and Santiago visiting. Other weeks, you’ll be stuck with Cabarete and Sosua girls – which will be 80-90% hookers.

Where to Stay in Cabarete, Dominican Republic?

Cabarete isn’t a big place. Most travelers will already know where they want to stay due to the water sport of their choice. For example, many surfers will stay near Playa Encuentro because the surf is the best there. Kite surfers stay next to Kite Beach.

If you’re looking to get laid in Cabarete, you’ll want to stay close to the main beach in town. This is the beach where you’ll find bars like Onno’s and Lax Ojo. This area will give you the best logistics for nightlife and dates.

–> Looking for more info? Check out our guide to hotels in Cabarete.

Stay around here if you want to meet women.

Sex in Cabarete: Is It Difficult?

Surprisingly, it is pretty difficult to get laid in Cabarete, especially if you want to date multiple women. Sex in Cabarete doesn’t come easy, or free. However, I developed a strategy that men can use to meet stunning women here. It’s not easy, and you’ll need time and Spanish speaking skills, but it’s doable.

You have a few subsets of women here. The most obvious choice is tourist girls during high season. These chicks will be up for a bang and pretty easy, but there’s a catch. Many of them will be looking to test the waters with a Dominican guy. So, you’ll have a lot of competition.

The best ways to meet these women are on Tinder, at the nightclubs, and during water sports activities during the day. Also, if you don’t speak Spanish, these chicks may be your best bet to find some sex in Cabarete.

The next group of girls you have are Dominican girls living in Cabarete. They could be locals or they could be in the small town to work in the tourism industry. They could also be whores. For the most part, these girls are either difficult or want money. Without solid Spanish, a great physique, or a good amount of time – these “local” Dominican girls won’t be easy.

Plus, there’s just not that many of them here. You could find a couple, but the town is small and the hot Dominicans working in tourism often get snatched up by young water sports expats quickly.

Attractive north coast girls.

Then you have Dominican girls who come to Cabarete to party and enjoy the beach on the weekend. These chicks can be a goldmine. If a girl tells me she’s from Santiago or San Fransisco de Macoris and in Cabarete for the weekend, my eyes light up. Jackpot!

I did really well with girls from Santiago who came to Cabarete to party because they often are looking to specifically mingle with foreigners. Plus, these girls are rarely professional whores.

Lastly, you have girls from small towns around Cabarete. This is what I’d recommend people focusing on if they want to spend some time in Cabarete. With some Spanish and a Dominican Cupid account, you can have girls from all over the DR come visit you for a “beach vacation” and some pipe.

You’ll have to offer these girls guagua money, but that’s like $5-8 bucks each way. I had girls from San Fransisco de Macoris, Santiago, and Rio San Juan come visit me using this strategy.

How to Get Laid in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

The info above is how I met Cabarete girls and got some sexy time. Here’s a little more info on the specifics:

Online Dating

To be honest, online dating isn’t amazing in Cabarete. It’s ok, but certainly not as good as Santo Domingo or Santiago. Still, you’ll definitely have to use it to get laid:

  • Dominican Cupid: If you want to meet Dominican girls in Cabarete, then Dominican Cupid is a must. However, you won’t find any local girls here, as Cabarete isn’t listed on the site. You can search Sosua, Puerto Plata, or the small towns. I’d recommend inviting girls from the small towns nearby or Santiago.

  • Tinder: Honestly, I’d start with Tinder while in Cabarete. If you’re only here for a few days or a week, just stick with this. You’ll have a small selection of traveling girls on holiday here. You may find a few local Dominican girls that aren’t huge whores, too. Make sure to only set your limits to around six miles or the prostitutes from Sosua will show up.

Day Game

I wouldn’t expect too many opportunities in Cabarete to meet chicks during the day. The best way is to meet foreign girls in Cabarete for water sports. If you’re surfing together, it’s only natural to make conversation.

You can also try to flirt with any Dominican girl working in a cafe, restaurant, or shop in Cabarete. Just bring some Spanish, or she’ll instantly think you’re just like all the other horny tourists.

Day game opportunity here!


Nightlife in Cabarete is incredibly hit or miss. Some nights you’ll think the party is absolutely amazing in the small town. In high season or during Dominican holidays, things can get pretty fucking lively.

In low season, you’ll be hanging out with a few crusty backpacker chicks and some washed up Dominican prostitutes.  Ok, it was never that bad when I was there. But you cannot guarantee a great night out here. Sometimes it’s good. Sometimes it’s not.

Basically, just cruise the main drag in Cabarete and see what spots have crowds. Go where the people are is my best piece of advice. Here were a few places I enjoyed during my time in Cabarete:

  • Onno’s: A beach bar/club that gets a decent crowd every now and then. If I had to pick one spot to go in Cabarete, I’d start here. Just don’t expect it to be easy to pick up. There’s always tons of Dominican guys here and at least 30-40% of the Dominican girls here will be working.
  • Lax Ojo: This is a nicer place than Onno’s. It’s probably the biggest club in Cabarete, but it’s not huge. I’d basically just go back and forth between here and Onno’s on Friday and Saturday nights.

Speaking Spanish in Cabarete

As Cabarete is a tourism hotspot, you can definitely get by without speaking Spanish. However, you won’t get a ton of love from local girls without a little Spanish speaking skill. Trust me! They see travelers who can’t communicate in Spanish every single day here. You won’t stand out.

If you want to meet Dominican girls in Carabete, then learn some Spanish. If you can’t even get past “Hola” without screwing things up, I’d recommend starting with Rocket Spanish. The course will get you having conversations within a few months.

For those who have a little Spanish skill, but want to meet girls – I recommend Pickup Spanish. This course will turn you into a Spanish speaking “Don Juan” within a few quick weeks!

Not an ugly place!

How to Meet Cabarete Girls – Your Detailed City Guide

How to get laid in Cabarete, Dominican Republic? Just follow the advice above and you’re sure to meet some fine Cabarete girls. Oh, and make sure you’re in decent shape. Cabarete is a beach city, y’all!

Next, just sign up for Dominican Cupid and then fire up your Tinder. It’s time to get laid in paradise! While this isn’t the first place I’d go for women in the DR, you can meet some stunners using the info above.

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