The Ultimate Guide to Nightlife in Santiago de los Caballeros

If you’re headed to the second biggest city in the Dominican Republic, you may want to know about nightlife in Santiago de los Caballeros, too.

The good news? It’s popping here in Santiago! If you like to party, you’ll have one hell of a time in this small mountain city. The women are crazy sexy and they don’t see many a foreigner in this city.

While the nightlife here certainly isn’t like Punta Cana or even Santo Domingo, you can still have a great time here while going out at night.

I was surprised by how much fun I had at night here. The Santiago nightlife exceeded my expectations and then some. However, it wasn’t perfect. There are a few things you need to know before you go.

What You Can Expect

Now, you need to understand how things operate here before we get into specific club recommendations. The women here look absolutely amazing, but there’s more to a night out than babes. Here’s what you can expect when enjoying nightlife in Santiago de los Caballeros:

Reggaeton and Bachata

Don’t expect to hear much else. Reggaeton is played in damn near every club. Or dembow. If they slow things down, you better be able to dance bachata. While there was some hip-hop from the States and a little salsa, don’t expect it.

Personally, I love reggaeton. So I enjoyed the fact that I didn’t have to hear salsa music most nights I went out.

It’s Cheap

Drinks in a club range from $2-6. A bottle at a club might cost $30-50 with mixers. Lots of clubs don’t even have cover. If you want to have a big night out without worrying about money, you’ll love Santiago nightlife.

Only Weekends

Outside of Wednesday night at Level Club, there isn’t much going on during the week here. I’d only recommend partying Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday in Santiago de los Caballeros. Rest and recover the other days, or go on some Dominican Cupid dates.

Not A Lot of English

English levels just aren’t that high in Santiago de los Caballeros. If you plan to mingle, make friends, and seduce some Dominicanas – you’ll need to speak some Spanish. In fact, it would help if you were conversational.

If you don’t speak any Spanish whatsoever, then I recommend starting with Rocket Spanish. If you’re looking to learn Spanish for flirting, then check out Pickup Spanish.

Pretty Safe

I never felt unsafe when rolling out at night.┬áNightlife in Santiago de los Caballeros is pretty safe. Just be smart about things and you won’t have much issue here. I’d say nightlife here is safer than in Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata, or even Las Terrenas.

Super Friendly People

One of the reason nightlife is safe here is because the people are so friendly. The women will be interested and the dudes will want to chat. No homo. People want to know why you’re in their city exploring and what you think. If you can’t make some friends out in Santiago, you might be a social retard.

The Ultimate Guide to Nightlife in Santiago de los Caballeros

If you’re anything like me, you want to know where the best party in Santiago de los Caballeros is – but you also want to know about the Dominican girls. Where can you go to find the best looking Dominican women?

Here’s where I recommend:

  • Level Club: This is the best club in Santiago de los Caballeros. Always come here on Wednesday for ladies night. You’re sure to meet some fire women here and I’ve pulled multiple times. Saturdays can be great, too. Just depends. Located in Bella Terra Mall.
  • Tribeca Lounge: I had a great time here, but it depends on the crowd and night. Sometimes they have reggaeton concerts here and it gets packed. Other nights it’s weak as hell and some of the chicks are stuck up. Worth a look on Friday or Saturday night.
  • Dubai Club 2.5: An upper-class type club in Santiago that is pretty damn popular. If you want a big night out on a Friday, I couldn’t recommend this place enough. Just make sure you’re willing to spend a little cash here. This place isn’t as cheap as other clubs in the city.

  • 75 Grados: This tiny club plays straight reggaeton and dembow. If you want to have a fun night out, this is the place to go. 75 Grados gets wild and all the girls that come here are looking to dance and grind. I met one of my favorite Dominican girls of all time here.
  • Lazotea: If you want high-end, club/lounge atmosphere, then Lazotea is where you’ll find it. The place is across the mall from Level Club and can be a great time. Only come here if you have some money to spend and you speak Spanish. If not, the fine Dominicanas here won’t give you the time of day.
  • Cay Tapas & Rock: One of the few rock bars in Santiago. This isn’t a club, but you might find some girls who speak English and like foreigners here. A good place to kick back a few drinks, talk to some locals, and pregame for a big night.
  • O’Beer Pub: A decent date spot and one of the few dive bars in Santiago, this isn’t a bad place to start a night or take a girl out. I took 3 different dates to O’Beer Pub and had great success.

Nightlife in Santiago de los Caballeros?

Santiago nightlife is great. While one night stands aren’t nearly as common as in Santo Domingo or Punta Cana, you can easily get numbers and meet up the next day for the bang. The girls here often go out with friends, so they prefer to do things this way.

However, I wouldn’t plan on meeting all the Dominican girls you date at night in Santiago. There just aren’t enough options each night you go out. So, you may want to get on Dominican Cupid and test your luck.

Personally, I found Dominican Cupid the absolute best way to meet girls in Santiago de los Caballeros. Even though I loved the Santiago nightlife, Dominican Cupid was my bread and butter.

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