How to Meet Santo Domingo Girls – City Guide

For single guys traveling to the Dominican Republic looking to meet some sexy Santo Domingo girls, you’re in the right place. After living in this Caribbean city for over a year, I wanted to detail everything I know about Dominican women in the capital. And boy oh boy – have I “learned” a few things 😉

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about how to get laid in Santo Domingo, nightlife tips, online dating, seducing Santo Domingo girls, and more. So let’s get it!

Dating Dominican Ratings

~ Looks of Santo Domingo Girls: 3.5/5

~ How Easy Are Santo Domingo Girls: 4/5

~ Overall City Rating: 4/5

Breaking Down Santo Domingo

  • Population: Over two million in the metro area. The biggest city in the Dominican Republic.
  • Costs: Santo Domingo isn’t a cheap city. In fact, it’s the most expensive city in the DR – outside resorts. However, that makes sense as it’s the capital. You can expect to spend $30-150 a night on a hotel. Apartments costs anywhere from $500-1,500 a month depending on stylings and location.
  • Safety: I’ve yet to have any safety issues in Santo Domingo, but the city is known for being dangerous. The best way to stay out of trouble in the DR? Don’t flash money and avoid drugs. If you do these two things in Santo Domingo, you should be fine.
  • Climate: Hot as hell. Santo Domingo is a tropical city in the Caribbean. During the day, you’re going to sweat while walking around outdoors. At night, the temperature tends to be comfortable, but you’ll still need AC to sleep.
  • Tourism: Santo Domingo isn’t a “touristy” city, but you can find enough to do here. Waking around Zona Colonial and El Malecon is a must. Tres Ojos is worth a visit, too.
  • Food: Dominican food isn’t that good. In fact, you’ll need a solid food budget here to eat decently, as the local places are not recommended.

What Do Santo Domingo Girls Look Like?

Sexy Santo Domingo girl.

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. What do Santo Domingo girls look like? Dominican girls in the capital truly come in all shapes and sizes. You can find stunning light skin girls and gorgeous dark skin women, too. There’s thick women with asses that don’t even seem real here. There’s also model-thin stunners walking around, too.

If you like variety, then Santo Domingo is the place for you in the Dominican Republic. The capital has more women than any other city in the DR. So you’ll never run out of options here.

The average girl in Santo Domingo will be a mixed chick. Often, she’ll look like she’s half black, a quarter Indian, and a quarter white. She’s not light skinned in the traditional sense, but she’s not Haitian looking, either. The lightest girls in the DR are found here.

Many men, myself included, find this exotic mixture incredibly intoxicating. It doesn’t hurt that the combination of African and Indian blood produces girls with the largest boobs in the world outside Russia. For boob men, Santo Domingo girls surely do not disappoint.

The average ass in Santo Domingo is quite large, too. If you like thicker girls, you’ll love it here. Model-like girls can be found in higher-end nightclubs, too.

Where to Stay in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic?

I’ve stayed in every single neighborhood that’s decent for tourists in Santo Domingo, including:

  • Zona Colonial
  • El Malecon
  • Naco
  • Gazcue
  • Piantini
  • Bella Vista

…For my money, there are only two neighborhoods to stay in while traveling to Santo Domingo. The best spots? Zona Colonial and Piantini.

If you’re going to be in the DR for less than two months, I’d stick to Zona Colonial. The area is the only walkable neighborhood in the capital and ideal for shorter stays.

If you plan to live in Santo Domingo, then living in Piantini can be advantageous. The neighborhood is upper class and filled with modern amenities.

Santo Domingo neighborhoods map.

For big ballers looking to meet the sexiest girls possible, the J.W. Marriott in Piantini cannot be beaten. You will have more women begging to see you by staying here then you’ll know what to do with.

For laid-back accommodations in Zona Colonial, TAU Casa Conde is absolutely ideal. Cannot recommend this spot and location enough for first-time visitors.

Sex in Santo Domingo: Is it Difficult?

No! It’s not difficult to get some sex in Santo Domingo without paying for it. In fact, you should be able to get laid if you put in decent effort.

What does that mean? You’re almost sure to get sex in Santo Domingo if:

  • You stay for two weeks or more.
  • You use online dating, go out twice a week, and talk to women during the day.
  • Have a private place to bring the girls.
  • You speak some Spanish.
  • Don’t look like a tourist.

By staying for at least two weeks, you’re sure to get girls out on enough dates to get laid. Some girls will put out on the first date if they like you. However, many of the girls will want to wait a few dates before intimacy. By staying a few weeks, you ensure these girls end up in your bed, too.

Typical Dominicana in Santo Domingo.

Online dating is the bread and butter of meeting girls in the DR. Why? Because many chicks don’t have jobs or money to go out. So they have time to message guys all day online. If you use online dating in the Dominican Republic, you can meet girls before you even arrive and have them aching to meet you when the plane lands!

Make sure you have an Airbnb apartment or a hotel that allows guests. This should be self-explanatory. Most of the Dominican girls live with their families. So you’ll have to have your own spot to get laid.

Speaking Spanish is important. Sadly, education levels are not that high in the DR. Not that many women speak English. If you like Dominican women, learn some Spanish before you arrive. This program will give you a huge head start.

You can’t change you skin tone or your Spanish accent.  However, you should put effort into dressing well in the Dominican Republic. This will separate you from the “resort package” tourists and make getting laid way easier.

How to Get Laid in Santo Domingo

If you want to get laid in Santo Domingo, all you have to do is follow the methods below. I’ve been in the DR for a while now. I’ve hung out with countless travelers and tourists. We’ve discussed what works for us and what doesn’t. I’ve helped a few guys struggling to meet Dominicanas and seduce them.

And this is exactly what I told them:

Online Dating

If you want to meet Santo Domingo girls, then online dating is your bread and butter. It’s a MUST unless you’re living in the DR. Why? Because there’s so many pretty girls using sites and apps in the capital. Honestly, the sheer amount of women online here is boggling.

What are the best online dating sites in Santo Doming? I’ll give you my three favorites:

If you’re in the DR, this online dating site is sure to be a hit. In fact, you’ll find more women using this website than any other in the DR. In Santo Domingo, you can find anywhere from 2,000-3,000 women (between the ages of 18-36) active on the site – EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

That’s a ton of  women! And the best part? These girls are eager to meet a traveling foreign guy like you. If you want to sleep with Santo Domingo girls, the best advice I can give you is to sign up for this site.

Tinder in Santo Domingo is pretty good, too. In fact, you’ll be able to meet a lot of middle-class girls who speak English on the app. I’ve met a number of cute, intelligent Dominicanas on Tinder here.

The only issue? There aren’t that many women on Tinder. You’ll run out of swipes after a week or two. There’s just so many more women on Dominican Cupid. Still, if I were you, I’d use both.

Latin American Cupid is a “sister” site of Dominican Cupid. You won’t find as many Dominican girls on this site as you’ll find on Dominican Cupid. However, LAC offers some huge benefits for men traveling to the DR.

There’s less competition on Latin American Cupid. As such, you can find some true gems on the site in Santo Domingo. It just takes a little more searching around.

I’d only recommend Latin American Cupid over Dominican Cupid if you plan to stay more than a month in Santo Domingo.

Day Game

Personally, my favorite way to meet Santo Domingo girls is during the day. Dominican girls are always open and willing to chat with a handsome traveler. The girls on the island are flirty and fun.

All you have to do is walk up to them and give her a compliment. Just tell her she’s cute in Spanish. You don’t need to complicate things. You’re int he Dominican Republic.

If your Spanish is good, then proceed to get to know her. Have a 5-10 minute conversation. If you don’t speak much, get her contact information and say goodbye.

Some of the best spots to meet girls during the day in Santo Domingo include:

  • Zona Colonial
  • El Malecon
  • Zona Universitario
  • Agora Mall
  • Sambil Mall
  • Duarte Avenue (north of Zona Colonial)

I’ve had the most successes at Agora Mall and on Duarte Avenue. The best times to go are always between 4-6:30 PM when students and workers are heading home. If you go to Duarte, make sure to get out of there before it gets dark. That’s a dangerous area.


Nightlife in Santo Domingo is fantastic. In fact, I found it to be the best in the country. There’s just more places to go here than anywhere else.

I simply cannot cover every bar and club in Santo Domingo, but I’ll give you five recommendations of places that are great for meeting women:

  • Onno’s Zona Colonial: The gringo-hunter spot in Santo Domingo. Any girls that love foreign men will go here – often. Ladies night on Thursday can be a lot of fun.
  • Avenida Venezuela: Not one club or bar, but dozens of them. I’m not a huge fan of this spot, but many locals absolutely adore it. If you want to see the most women at one time, this is where you should go.
  • 75 Grados: Popping club filled with middle-class Dominicanas. If you don’t like dancing to urban music, don’t go here. Don’t go alone, either. This isn’t an upscale spot with a ton of security.
  • Mamma Club: High-end club that all the upper-class Dominicans go to. Not really worth it unless you want to buy a bottle and splurge on a table.
  • Zambra: Best high-end bar in the city. Come with A-game here or you’ll get rejected incredibly quickly. Located in Piantini.

Speaking Spanish in Santo Domingo

Finally, it’s important to talk about the language barrier, again. Dominican Spanish can be incredibly tough to understand. You’ll do so much better with Santo Domingo girls if you speak some Spanish. You don’t want to underestimate this factor before your trip. Even a few sentences can go a long way.

Try to learn a little before you go. You can start here.

How to Meet Santo Domingo Girls – Your Detailed City Guide

Overall, Santo Domingo is an amazing place to meet Dominican girls in the DR. In fact, you have a better chance of getting laid here without paying for it than anywhere else in the country.

Use the information above to GUARANTEE you get laid in Santo Domingo. And trust me, you’ll really want to. The women in Santo Domingo are amazing!

P.S: Don’t forget to sign up for Dominican Cupid by clicking here!

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