A Girl Who Taught Me More About Dominican Ladies Than Anyone Else

She was stunning. One of the best looking Dominican ladies I had gotten a number from online.

I was ready and willing to meet her, but she kept playing games with me. Making excuses. Being flakey.

That’s nothing out of the normal in the Dominican Republic. Girls in the DR know how to play a man.

They know how to get what they want out of men – be it a foreigner or a Dominican.

I would have ignored her completely after a couple of weeks of this nonsense, but she was truly stunning.

A 5’10” volleyball player with caramel skin and legs to die for. It didn’t hurt that she was just 19 years old, either.

I was willing to put in the work to get what I wanted out of her. Even if she was a pain in the ass. Which she most definitely was.

Una Chapiadora…

One night I sent her a picture of where I was drinking with my buddy in Zona Colonial. It was a nice spot and the view was somewhat picturesque.

I hadn’t heard from her in a week or so. Figured I could at least get her chatting again with a nice photo sent straight to her Whatsapp.

She replied almost instantly. Too quick. Like she was just sitting around waiting for me to send her a message.

Understanding Dominican Ladies and This One Chapiadora

She knew the bar I was at.

In fact, she was quite the fan of it. She seemed to consider the spot cool and en vogue at the moment.

Without hesitation, she almost invited herself to meet up in broken English:

“I close. We meet tonight?”

Ummm, yeah.

Sounds like a plan, babe.

I told my buddy what had transpired and he laughed, as he’d been trying to set up dates while we chilled out, too.

She claimed to be close, but I told my buddy not to leave until she arrived. We both knew how Dominican ladies could be.

So we had another beer and talked shit. An hour passed and I looked down at my phone. Finally, a message from her came across my screen, she had arrived.

I looked up and saw a tall girl in a dress and high heels facing away from me near the entrance. I got my buddy’s attention.

He looked at her and gave me a thumbs up.

I dropped down some pesos on my table, said goodbye to my buddy, and walked over to her.

She laughed nervously as I introduced myself.

Her English was awful and at the time, my Spanish was worse.

Luckily, the attraction was there. She was damn near perfect for me and from how she was looking at me…

This was going to be a good date.

We sat down and order drinks. Me a Presidente and her a cocktail. She frowned a bit as I ordered the cheap beer, but let it slide nonetheless.

Not far off…

Speaking in the most broken form of “Spanglish” known to man, we managed to have a nice conversation. Well, I kept staring at her breasts, but that only added to the charm in my eyes.

The bar was closing soon, as she took forever to meet up. Luckily, I had a bottle of wine back at my place.

I told her of the situation and she gracefully accepted the invitation.

I paid the bill and off we went.

Into the sunset. Well, my rugged apartment in Zona Colonial.

While she was expecting luxury, I brought her back to somewhat of a dump. Instantly, she put her nose up at it. Not a good sign.

Luckily, once I got her through the kitchen and onto the balcony her mood changed.

My view was spectacular and my balcony was massive.

Her inner Chapiadora settled down, as we drank some wine and continued our language exchange of a conversation.

After two full glasses of wine each, I offered her to go inside. It was still hot outside and I could use some air conditioning.

I grabbed her hand and took her to my bedroom, conveniently the only space in the apartment with AC.

She didn’t seem bothered by being in my room. Another good sign.

Before you knew it, we were kissing. And soon thereafter,  I was undressing her.

This set off the alarm bells and she quickly retreated. With half of her breasts out, she popped out of bed and looked down at me.

Her hair was all disheveled, but she looked at me with the naughtiest look I had ever seen. Seriously, she looked so mischevious. Such a bad girl.

And she knew it.

But she loved it.

I laid back looking at her. I demanded her to, “Ven aqui!” 

But she looked at me defiantly, “No.”

There was a twinkle in her eyes. Like she wanted me to put her in her place. A naughty girl needing to be taught a lesson.

I slowly stood up.

She didn’t move.

I walked towards her. Shoved her hips against the wall and kissed her.

I ripped her bra off and pulled her jeans to the floor in an instant. She tried to push me away. I didn’t let her.

Instead, I looked her straight in the eyes and kissed her, again. She moaned. I picked her up and threw her on the bed.

And well, the rest is history.

By history, I mean we did disgusting things for the rest of the evening. I couldn’t get enough of that athletic, young Dominican girl.

What I Learned About Dominican Ladies

Now, that’s not the end of the story…

I ended up seeing this girl for about a month consistently.

While the sex was amazing and her body truly one of the best I’d ever seen, she was still a pain in the ass.

Every single time I saw her.

I got so annoyed that I ended up dropping her and ignoring her messages. Of course, she wasn’t happy about this, but life goes on.

Luckily, I learned two major things from this Chapiadora that made dating in the Dominican Republic easier than ever before.

#1. How to Spot a Chapiadora

Before I met this girl, I didn’t exactly know what a Chapiadora was and why I should be concerned.

After dating her, I knew exactly what it meant.

She never would meet up unless we went somewhere she considered fancy first.

No Netflix and chill.

No cooking together.

Not even relaxing on the balcony.

Her only desire was to be taken out and treated like a lady. Meaning, she wanted someone to spend money on her.

Then and only then did she want to be fucked hard like a ragdoll.

But without taking her somewhere cool first, she didn’t even consider the opportunity for a little one on one.

Which is why I could never get her out to begin with. I kept inviting her to go to shitty bars or hangout at the park in Zona Colonial and have an ice cream.

She thought I was an idiot.

Then when I was at a nicer spot, she was instantly ready to meet and greet. The definition of a Chapiadora.

#2. The Naughtiest of Girls

This girl also showed me how to read Dominican girls in the bedroom.

She loved to tell me, “No!”

Hell, she was enthusiastic about it. She got off on telling me what we were going to do. But not in a dominant sense.


She was just testing me.

She wanted to see if I was man enough to take what I wanted or if I was just a pussy like all the other foreigners.

This happened the first night we had sex.

It happened the first time I took videos and photos of her.

It happened the first time I brought her ass naked on my balcony.

She would reject the idea and I’d basically force it on her. Within a minute or two, she’d be more into than I was.




She was a stunning hot girl with the naughtiest of sides. But she would make you earn her bad behavior. She wouldn’t let you do shit without a test.

It was a game to her.

But she taught me one thing…

Never listen to what a Dominican girl is saying. Only listen to her body language and how she reacts to you.

Dominican ladies come from a culture that’s rough around the edges. If they truly don’t want you to do something, they’ll let you know without mincing words or body language.

But most of the time it’s a test to see if you’re like all the other foreigners or if you’ve got a little Dominican in you.

Dominican Ladies, Galore!

Now, this turned out to be a little bit longer than I expected.

But she was one of my sexiest Dominican girls of all time. Even if she wasn’t a lady at all. Whatsoever.

The craziest part?

I met her online. That hot of a girl using online dating?

Ok, maybe she was a little crazy and a Chapiadora – but still…

She was one of the hotter Dominican ladies I ever dated.

If you’re looking to date stunning Dominican girls, then just click here! This is the website I met her on.

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