How to Use Dominican Dating Sites to Get a New Date Every Day

The Dominican Republic is one of the best places on earth for a vacation. Whether it be one week or one year, you’ll never get bored in the DR. The beaches, the laidback lifestyle, and the Dominican dating sites make sure of that.

Dominican dating sites? You read that correctly. If you’re a man going to the Dominican Republic, you’re sure to love using online dating in the DR.

Honestly, this small Caribbean country may be one of the best places to line dates up online in the world. Girls here love foreigners, often have nothing going on, and are more than willing to meet up with travelers.

But, you have to know what you’re doing.

If you don’t, you’ll end up attracting the wrong types of girls. Girls that only want you for your money. Girls who might be looking for a passport or green card. Not girls who dig you for you.

Dating in the Dominican Republic is a whole different world. Luckily, I’m here to navigate these murky waters for you.

Why Online Dating Works in the DR

I touched on it briefly, but we’ll look at things a little deeper here. Online dating in the Dominican Republic works for a variety of reasons.

Here are a few of them:

  • Tons of Women: You’ll find more sexy Dominicanas dating online per capita here than anywhere not named the Philippines. I haven’t put a finger on it, but online dating is just really popular throughout the whole country. You can find thousands of girls active on this site each day – in Santo Domingo alone! The numbers are in your favor.
  • Bored Girls: Girls are often bored in the Dominican Republic. It’s a small island. Many of them don’t have money to do anything fun and don’t have any job prospects, either. So, their days often consist of sitting around and writing guys on dating sites. That’s if they can find a working WiFi connection in their barrio. What I’m saying is your message might be the most exciting thing they see all day.
  • Love of Foreigners: Dominican girls love foreigners. Many of them want to get away from the island. Some don’t, but many do. This means they are intrigued by foreigners of all shapes and sizes. Plus, outside of the beach areas, there are not many foreigners in the DR. So, you’ll be a commodity. It’s a buyer’s market when dating online in the Dominican Republic as an outsider. No matter the sex.
  • Economics at Play: Girls expect foreigners to have more money than many locals. This makes you instantly attractive. They know you can pay for a decent meal or send her home in an Uber at night without having to worry. While many Dominican girls will love you for you, there is no denying that money talks in the DR.

Hot DR girl.

The Best Online Dating Sites in the Dominican Republic

Now that we understand why online dating in the Dominican Republic is so good, let’s look even further and check out some of the best sites in the country.

I’ve talked about this before and I’m sure I will, again. Still, I’ll cover it here, too.

For most guys, the combination of these two sites will yield more than enough dates:

– Dominican Cupid

There are so many women in Dominican Cupid every day that you cannot message them all. Well, you can, but you’d end up spending 12+ hours a day chatting with sexy Dominican girls. Sounds fun, but we want to do more than just chat with girls. If you know what I mean. This site will get nearly any man a date if he puts effort into it. This is the online dating site to start with in the Dominican Republic. Don’t skip using this site if it’s your first trip to the DR.

– Tinder

Another great option when dating online in the Dominican Republic is Tinder. You meet a different type of girl on this site in the DR, as many Tinder girls speak ok English and may have a good education. The issue is Tinder only works well in Santo Domingo. Outside of the capital, you’ll run out of women way too fast in the Dominican Republic.

How to Use Dominican Dating Sites to Get a New Date Every Day

Here is where the action happens. The good stuff. What you’ve all been waiting for. The details on how to use Dominican dating sites to get a new date each day you’re in the country. Sometimes two!

Step #1: Put Effort Into Things

If you want to get a new date every day, it is going to take energy and effort. Don’t think the girls will just show up willing to do whatever you want while you do nothing. That’s not how it works. If you want a new date every day, you will be writing a lot of messages and paying for a lot of Ubers.

But it is possible and not that difficult if you know what you’re doing. Use the sites I recommended above, put in energy, and you will get results.

Step #2: Speak Some Spanish

You can get laid in the Dominican Republic without speaking much Spanish. Trust me, I’ve done it. You will also waste a lot of time writing back and forth with women who confuse the living daylights out of you.

You’ll also lose your chance at some of the most attractive women because you won’t be able to communicate with them at all.

If you want to get a new date every day using Dominican dating sites, then speaking Spanish is more than important. Not just for the seduction process, but to ensure you don’t waste any time.

Step #3: Get Great Photos

If you want to get a lot of dates using online dating in the Dominican Republic, then you’ll need to have great photos. You don’t need to be young, in great shape, or that attractive. However, your photos should show you are.

Dominican girls love four things in photos. The first is travel photos that show you’ve been somewhere other than the Dominican Republic. Next, they love guys that look like they’re in shape. Even if you are not in great shape, find a way to make it look like you are in a photo.

Furthermore, girls want to know you’re foreign. Even if you are from the States but look Dominican, make it known you’re an outsider. Lastly, don’t be afraid to flash a little cash. I’m talking pictures of you dressed up in a fancy suit or hanging out in a villa.

Having photos that show these things will pay huge dividends in the Dominican Republic.

She has good photos…

Step #4: Get Her On Whats App

I’m not going to talk about how to message a girl and much about what to say. Every guy will say different things, especially depending on your age and Spanish speaking ability.

No matter how you do things, you’ll want to get her off the dating site/app and onto Whats App as soon as you can. This will make things more personal and real for her.

If she is giving you trouble about giving out her Whats App, just tell her something about it’s easier to see if we have chemistry with voice messages. Or something cheesy like that.

On Whats App, you’ll be able to message her, but you can also send videos, pictures, and voice messages to build a connection.

This is exactly what you want to do. The more connection you build with a girl from a Dominican online dating site the easier it will be to get her on a date.

If you have an Instagram profile, share that with her once you get chatting on Whats App, too. You just want to get her seeing you more and thinking about you more.

Step #5: Stay Organized

You should have dozens of girls you’ve been talking with at this stage. If you’re about to arrive, you’ll want to schedule dates 1-3 days in advance. Anything past that and you’ll both end up forgetting.

Always try to schedule two dates a day if you can. Place them about four hours apart. There’s a good chance one of them will be late and you don’t want to have to cancel on a girl.

I try to schedule one date around 5 pm, as most girls get off work them. Then I’ll do another one for 9 pm, as some girls don’t get out of university until then.

About 30-60% of the dates you schedule will never show up. About half the ones that don’t show up will not even write you about flaking. That’s just how things go.

To stay organized here, you’ll want to write down any date you have scheduled. Keep a dating notebook with all your dates lined up for 3-4 days in advance. This will make things easy for you. Do not skip this step.

Step #6: Confirm the Date

Around lunchtime the day of your date with a girl, you’ll want to send her a voice message on Whats App confirming your date.

Just send her a text about how her day is going, chat quickly, and then confirm the date. This will help to avoid flakes.

Make sure you specifically tell her to message you around a half hour before the date. Again, you want to stay organized here. You don’t want to be waiting on a girl that will never show up.

Step #7: Go on Dates

At this point, you should be getting girls to show up on dates. Remember it’s a Latin country and timing doesn’t work the same as it does back home. Being 15-45 minutes late is not a sign of disrespect, especially if she is taking a bus to come to see you.

Take the girls to as cheap of date as you can get away with. But make sure it doesn’t look cheap. Take her to a nice bar that has a happy hour special. Grab appetizers at a restaurant that won’t break your bank, but that she won’t turn her nose up at.

Flirt and have fun. There is no need to be aloof in the Dominican Republic. Dominican girls will make it known if they like you, and returning some affection is perfectly fine.

Have a bottle of wine waiting at your hotel or apartment. After an hour or two, invite her back for a glass. The rest is up to your, fellas.

What are You Waiting For?

That’s all I have for you guys today. If you follow the advice above in the Dominican Republic, you can line up a new date every single day. It won’t even take much effort.

The beaches combined with the ability to date more women than ever before makes the Dominican Republic one of the best vacation destinations for single men. What are you waiting for…

Click here to get started chatting with Dominican girls!


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