The Ultimate Men’s Guide To Tinder In The Dominican Republic

Let’s talk a little bit about Tinder in the Dominican Republic

I had been swiping Tinder all day in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and I hadn’t seen much.

Then I saw her. Her first picture was not the best – it made her look a little mannish. She had strong facial features, long black hair, brown skin, and slanted eyes.

But below the neck was where she stood out, or rather “burst out”. Those were some huge cans!

She looked like Pocahontas if Pocahontas had been a big-boned stripper.

When I matched with thick Pocahontas, I sent her one of my standard openers:

“Hola! Me encanta como te ves en tus fotos. Tienes unos ojos hermosos.” / Hi! I love how the way you look in your photos. You have beautiful eyes.

She didn’t reply. And after 5 days had passed, I gave up. She probably had dozens of other guys messaging her and promising her the world.

She wrote back a week later. After a brief chat, she agreed to meet up. I told her to come to a bar called La Barrica on Thursday night.

An hour before the date at La Barrica, I had a drink with a friend. I did this for 2 reasons:

1. If she flaked (common in Latin America), I wouldn’t have wasted the trip.
2. If she arrived, I would look like a social guy having drinks with a friend.

Luckily, thick Pocahontas arrived. She was on time, and she looked as busty in real life as she did in her photos. My friend stayed with us for one more drink. After that, he wrote “Jesus Christ look at those tits!” into my phone, and left me alone with my date.

She was more nervous than I expected – avoiding eye contact and using closed body language. We drank a couple of cocktails and I did most of the talking.

After that, we headed to a burger joint across the street. Thick Pocahontas was too nervous to eat in front of me, so she watched me scoff a double cheeseburger.

Then we headed back to my place. We got comfortable on my couch and she lay her head in my lap. I leaned down to kiss her but couldn’t reach her lips because her boobs were blocking me.

At midnight, I called her an Uber. This is another of my Tinder rules:

Be different from every other guy, and…

Always leave her wanting more.

A week after the date, I traveled to a beach town called “Las Terrenas” with a couple of buddies. We rented an Airbnb apartment right in front of the ocean. I invited thick Pocahontas to come visit.

She said she would buy herself a bikini and come stay with me for the weekend.

On the day she arrived, we went for a swim in the ocean as the sun was setting. When we got back to the apartment, she showered and walked into my room wearing just a towel.

I couldn’t hold back any longer. I wrestled thick Pocahontas onto the bed…

Why Tinder Works In The Dominican Republic

Dominican culture is still very traditional. The men work while the women look pretty and produce babies.

The purpose of a Dominican woman’s life is to be attractive enough to snag a wealthy man. A single woman in the Dominican Republic won’t hear, “You go girl!” from friends and family.

No sir. She’s more likely to hear, “What’s wrong with you?” or “Why are you still single?”

What does this mean for guys using Tinder in the Dominican Republic?

It means that Dominican women are actively looking a for a man. They’re on dating sites like Tinder and keen to meet up.

It’s a starving crowd.

And even better, the Dominican Republic is still a developing country. That means Tinder is still on the up. Unlike Tinder in the USA or Europe, there’s still a chance for normal guys in the Dominican Republic.

Best Profiles To Attract Dominican Tinder Girls

Your profile should focus on showing your wealth (perceived or real) and foreigner status.

Why would you do that? It’s simple. Dominican society is economically segregated. That means wealthy girls want to stay with their own kind and poor girls want to move up.

But here’s a word of warning:

Don’t take this too far by playing the sugar daddy role. This isn’t seeking arrangement…

But you still need to show that you’ve got your life together.

Now let’s get down to the tactics.

Your Tinder Bio

Write your bio in Spanish because few Dominican girls know more than a few words of English.

Here’s a formula I’ve used to gets lots of Dominican girls to match with me and message ME first:

Nationality (optional: job) + Why you’re in the DR + What you’re looking for


Abogado Americano en la republica dominicana por trabajo – buscando algo serio con una mujer sencilla.

In English: American lawyer in the DR for work – looking for something serious with a sweet girl.

What To Say On Tinder In The Dominican Republic

Always start the conversation in Spanish. If she messages you – in English – go with English. Keep chatting in English until she asks if you speak Spanish.

Pay heed to the golden rule of the opening message:

You can’t make her fall in love with you from the first message. But…

You can scare her away.

So, a simple and neutral opener is best. If she doesn’t respond: so be it. Move on. But don’t try come up with a genius line just to get a response.

Here’s an example of an opener that worked fine on this Dominican girl on Tinder:


If you’re thinking, “That’s not too impressive, Papi Chulo” – that’s the point. A line like that is not meant to blow her mind. The aim is to get her attention and get her talking.

No more.

Making her attracted to you is your jobs AFTER the opener. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Here are two directives:

1. Don’t ask boring-ass questions. You know the ones: “What do you do for work?” “What do you do in your spare time?” Lame.

2. Focus on what you like about her culture: the food, the history, the unique characteristics of the locals. Show an interest in where she’s from.

When To Ask For The Number

You need a little rapport built up before you go ask for the number. Don’t wait too long or you will become her Tinder buddy. In the world of Tinder, things move fast. While you’re taking 3 minutes to reply, she’s giving her number to some other dude and arranging a date with him. Sorry, it’s ruthless and it’s fast out there.

Get the balance right. Get her number at the end of the first conversation or during the second conversation.

How To Ask For The Number

Here is one line I always use:

“Tienes Whatsapp? Es mas comodo hablar por ahi.”


Use Spanish or English?

You’ll find more English speakers on Tinder in the Dominican Republic than if you tried to meet girls through day game or night game.

But there is a downside. Most English-speaking girls on Tinder in the Dominican Republic will either be:

1. Upper class – meaning “difficult to lay”

2. Gringo hunters or possible whores. These girls have learned some English to sell their services to male tourists.

What’s The Best Method To Learn Spanish?

It depends on your goals.

Some guys want to get good at Spanish for long-term reasons. Other guys who want to get to a passable level because they want to get girls.

If you’re in the long-term camp, sign up for Rocket Spanish. It’s an audio course. You listen in on a conversation between 2 native speakers and a teacher breaks down what is going on in the conversation.

They have an extensive resources section for vocabulary and pronunciation. They even have a free trial too so give it a try.

If you want to learn Spanish to speak to girls, you need to try Pickup Spanish. It’s the only course out there for guys who love Latin women.

Pickup Spanish has been reverse engineered from successful conversations with Spanish-speaking women.

The Ultimate Guide to Tinder In The Dominican Republic

If a Dominican girl is on Tinder, it means she has a phone with a payment plan, and she’s open to meeting new people.

From there it’s just a case of filtering out the whores gold diggers.

Enjoy some of the hottest girls in the Caribbean man. If you’ve never dated a Dominican girl before, you’re in for a wild ride.


Papi Chulo

P.S: For more information on meeting girls on Tinder, check this out!


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