7 Simple Ways to Impress Dominicanas While on the Island

Sure, you don’t want to come off like a chump. You don’t want to seem needy. Like you’re begging for her to come back to your hotel for a little fun out of the sun. While that’s all fine and dandy, you still need to impress Dominicanas when you’re here.

The good news is these girls are pretty easy to get along with and definitely easy to impress. Status is king in the Dominican Republic. Show that sexy Dominican girl you have some status and she might just take a liking to you sooner than later.

Don’t take my word for it though. Just book a flight to the DR and come see these stunning Dominican women for yourself. You might never want to leave. Or maybe that’s just me and hundreds of other foreigners who call the DR home these days.


7 Simple Ways to Impress Dominicanas While on the Island

Alright, enough with the intro, let’s talk about how to get on the good side of Dominicanas. You need to impress here to undress here. Here are six simple ways you can do just that while traveling around the DR:

  • Foreign Status

Dominican girls love foreign men. White, Black, Asian. It really doesn’t matter. If you’re a foreigner, you will get love from Dominican girls. Play up where you’re from while on the island. They love to imagine you sweeping them off to far away lands. Even Miami is far away to some of them.

The girls will eat it up, especially if you’re from Europe, Australia, Los Angeles, or New York. Anything not in the DR will be fine.

Understanding Dominicanas Tip: If a Dominican girl says she wants to travel to Australia more than anywhere, she’s obsessed with white guys. 

  • Cash Money

Dominican girls love money. There’s a reason the phrase chapiadora became so popular on the island. You can impress Dominicanas with money. There’s no doubt about it. I’m not hating, either. Simply stating facts about living in the Dominican Republic.

The DR is a relatively poor country, especially when you get out of Santo Domingo or Santiago. Small Dominican towns just don’t offer much in the way of education or economic opportunity. Thus, money is scarce and often one of the things women here value the most.

  • A Nice Hotel

It can be difficult for a foreigner to show Dominican women he actually has money without coming off like a chump or douche while traveling around the DR. Throwing money at Dominicanas is a surefire way to attract chapiadoras and semi-hookers.

You don’t want to seem broke, either. That won’t attract the girls in the DR. What should a foreigner do? The best way is to get a nice hotel while you’re on the island. If you’re in the DR for more than 2-3 weeks, then an apartment rental can work.

For short stays, getting a good hotel is ideal in the DR. A nice hotel that allows you to bring guests back will pay dividends in the Dominican Republic, especially if it has a pool. Dominicanas love pools.
For example, this is the nicest hotel in Santo Domingo:

  • A Good Body

Dominican guys are known for being in great shape. They workout often and gym culture is popular in the DR. Plus, they have those Caribbean genes that make it easy to put some slabs of muscle while staying lean.

If you’re a foreigner who is in good shape, Dominican girls will love it. While it’s not as important as money and other factors on this list, Dominicanas respect a man that is in great shape. Plus, a good physique will ensure you avoid chapiadoras a little more.

  • Spanish Speaking Ability

I’ve said it before. The better your Spanish speaking ability is in the Dominican Republic, the easier it will be to impress Dominican women and get laid. There’s only a small subset of girls in the DR that can even speak broken English.

If you speak good Spanish, you’ll find the pool of available women in the Dominican Republic goes up 1,000%. I’m not even joking. Only speaking English here is like playing with a handicap. If you speak Spanish, Dominicanas will be more than impressed. They’ll probably be turned on.

For guys looking to learn Spanish from nothing, I recommend starting here.

For guys looking to learn how to flirt in Spanish, this is the best course ever created.

  • Being Good in Bed

I wrote about how Dominican girls don’t think foreigners are good in bed before. The truth is they don’t expect you to rock their world. They’d be happy if you lasted ten minutes, to be honest. Lots of foreigners come here looking to hook up with girls and don’t give it a good effort.

If you’re a foreigner and good in bed, a Dominican girl might fall in love with you. They’ll be baffled you know what you’re doing and instantly become wildly attracted to you. Even more than they were before.

If you’re looking to get better in bed, just click here.

  • Not Being a Player

Dominican men are known for being huge players, especially in tourist areas and big cities. You’ll find that some Dominican girls, especially ones who are educated or have visited New York a few times, become turned off by this playboy behavior after awhile. This is especially true when they’re looking for a boyfriend.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Dominican girls love bad boys. But they also don’t want it rubbed in their face. If you’re trying to date multiple girls at once here, be as discrete as possible. You don’t want a Dominican girl knowing you’re dating around.

If she likes you, she’ll get insanely jealous. If she finds out what you’re doing, she might try to hit you or yell some rapid-fire Spanish at you that’s equal parts sexy and scary.

I’ve had Dominican girls show up at my place unannounced with a “gift” because she wanted to check up on me and see if I was being a perro or not. Another girl kept digging her nails into my back everytime we had sex because she was marking her territory. A different Dominicana kept commenting revealing things on all my social media posts. I had to block her.

Trust me when I say, you want to be discrete here. Dominican girls love players, but they hate them. Do what you want, but hide it from your main Dominicanas.

Your Daily Dose of Dominican Goodness!

That’s about it for today, mi gente. If you want to impress Dominicanas, just follow the plan laid out above. You’ll have more women looking to date than you could ever imagine while you’re in the Dominican Republic.

Even if you’re not a rich, jacked guy who is amazing in bed. Shit, I’m certainly not perfect, either. You can learn spanish fast and impress just about every girl you meet. Get started below:


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