How to Fuck Women Properly Review by Will Freeman

I had to write this How to Fuck Women Properly review for foreign men going to the Dominican Republic for one reason…

Dominican girls think foreigners cannot fuck. They’ve heard countless tales from their friends working in Sosua and from the gringo hunters in Punta Cana.

While Dominican women may love foreigners more than girls from most countries, they don’t expect you to be good in bed. In fact, many of them delay having sex with you for a little bit longer than normal because they’re worried it will be bad.

Many of them have even had sex with foreigners only to be disappointed by the experience and immediately swear off all other foreigners. These girls then go back to only dating Dominican men because they don’t think you can please them.

That’s why I wanted to share with you a little book by Will Freeman called How to Fuck Women Properly. You want Dominican girls addicted to your dick while in the DR. This gets rid of all the chapiadora experiences and gets back to the core of dating Dominican girls – lust and desire.

Sex in the Dominican Republic

Dominican girls are some of the most sexual girls on the planet. They literally crave sex. They need it. There’s a reason the girls stare at you when you walk down the street. They want to fuck you right then and there.

Make no mistake about it. Girls in the DR absolutely need sex. They live for it. It’s in their Caribbean blood. If you fuck a Dominican girl right, she’ll keep coming back to you for more and more. She’ll become a loyal girl who only wants to fuck you.

If you don’t fuck her well, Dominican girls can be some of the worst women in the world to deal with. She’ll only fuck you every now and then. And she’ll only put out after she gets something from you like a night out at a fancy restaurant and a nice bottle at a high-end club.

If you can’t fuck, you’ll find many Dominican girls display chapiadora qualities. That’s why many guys complain about the girls here. They give them some lame dick and then expect the girl to love them for them.

That’s not how things go in the DR. If you look like a foreigner, Dominican girls expect you to:

  • Not be able to fuck well.
  • Not be able to last long.
  • To have a smaller dick than Dominican guys.

It’s the reality of things in the DR. Many lame foreigners have come here and fucked some girls. They didn’t put a good performance and the reputation of foreigners has been damaged.

Not only that, Dominican men are known for being good in bed. They’re known for smooth Latin moves and tons of sexual energy. Not to mention being well-hung.

The reality of the situation is Dominican men’s reputation precedes them. There’s no doubt the guys here can fuck. They know how to move their hips from dancing bachata and dembow their whole lives. They know how to move.

Many Dominican guys are also in great shape. They’re ripped and buff. They’re also Caribbean and have tons of energy. Most Dominican men will fuck a Dominicana at least two or three times every single night.

Dominican girls expect you to fuck them at least a couple of times. They’ll honestly wonder if something is wrong with them if you don’t have sex with them at least a couple of times in a night.

The Reality of the “Other” Situation

According to this study, Dominican men have penises that are 6.2 inches long when erect on average. That’s just not that big. We’re not talking about the Congo here where the average dick is over 7.2 inches long.

So, relax and don’t worry about that when having sex in the Dominican Republic. I’ve actually gotten more compliments on my penis size in the Dominican Republic than when I was living and travelling through Europe.

Apparently, the reputation of foreigners is pretty bad and there’s a lot of hype. They are expecting you to whip out a pinky-sized dick. Seriously. If you whip something normal out, they’ll be perfectly happy with it.

Here’s the thing. If you’re attracted to girls like Dominicans with great curves and big hips, then you probably have a bigger dick than the average guy. So don’t sweat it in the DR.

Plus, many Dominican girls actually have really tight and tiny pussies. I believed the hype before my first trip and thought they wouldn’t be able to feel anything. Then I found girls with small, little pussies ripe for a good fucking. It was heaven.

How to Fuck Women Properly Review

Now that we’ve talked a little bit about sex in the Dominican Republic, let’s get back to the book, How to Fuck Women Properly.

Like we’ve talked about, being able to fuck will make your experience in the DR so much better. You need to know how to lay some pipe to keep girls from acting like chapiadoras in this country. If you can, the girls here will love you.

That’s exactly what this book will show you. You learn exactly how to fuck women properly. Will Freeman leaves no stone unturned and lays out all of his experiences in this book.

Will doesn’t act like he’s a sex god and knows everything about every single woman. He simply details what women actually like and how you can give it to them.

How to Fuck Women Properly is a no-nonsense book. I truly enjoyed it and would recommend it to any and every guy. Some of the best information found in the book includes:

  • The Mindset of Females

Will doesn’t beat around the bush here. He details how women must act one way in public while secretly desiring something else behind closed doors. Plus, he shows you that women want sex badly. He even claims that many women want rough and dirty sex just as much as men do.

Will details his hypothesis with stats from female porn searches. Yeah, girls search for double penetration videos more than I ever thought.

And since Dominican girls are some of the most sexual on the planet, you can bet they want dirty and rough sex even more. How to Fuck Women Properly will start to show you what Dominicanas really want in bed.

  • Understanding Sexual Positions

I wasn’t expecting much from this section of the book, but Will really broke down how to use sexual positions to your advantage. He goes over the four main sex positions:

  1. Missionary
  2. Doggy Style
  3. Cowgirl
  4. Spooning

While that might not seem like a lot, there are hundreds of variations of these four positions that you can use. Will explains a few of them.

I won’t talk too much about this section, but it’s in-depth and deep. Literally and figuratively. You’ll want to reference this chapter over and over, again. You’ll build up more of a sexual repertoire than any man, Dominican or otherwise.

Dominican Girls Tip: Most Dominican girls absolutely love it when you pick them up, slam their backs’ against the wall, and fuck them while standing up. Just be careful. You’re sure to have scratch marks on your back after this one.

  • Training For Sex in the Dominican Republic

This is the absolute best section of the book and honestly, one of the most valuable things I’ve ever read in my life. Will talks about training for sex in this chapter and being prepared when it comes time to fuck a girl.

Will covers everything you’d ever need to know about prepping for sex and giving the girl one of the best shags of her whole life.

He talks about vibrators, Cialis, penis enhancement, the Fleshlight, and more. There’s no stone left unturned in this chapter. You’ll learn how to:

  • Last longer in bed
  • Get a bigger dick
  • Properly use a vibrator with a girl

Plus, so much more. Your Dominican girls will thank you! More than once, if you know what I’m saying.

This chapter will turn you into a sex god in the Dominican Republic. Girls in the DR will be begging you to come over for round two after training with the methods Will prescribes in How to Fuck Women Properly.

How to Fuck Women Properly Review: Helping You Go Deep!

I won’t lie. Foreign guys need to bring their A-game in the bedroom when banging Dominican girls. Stop making it so hard for other guys because you can’t lay pipe.

Just grab this book. You’ll learn everything you need to know about how to fuck Dominican women properly. It’ll make your trip so much better and you’ll have way less chapiadora behaviour to worry about after giving her good dick.

Buy your copy of How to Fuck Women Properly by Will Freeman by clicking here!


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