Dominican Cupid Scams: What Every Foreigner Should Know

While I believe the site to be the best in the country for meeting cute girls, there’s still a few Dominican Cupid scams every foreigner needs to know.

Being aware of these scams will make dating in the Dominican Republic much easier and far more enjoyable.


Because these scams and tricks don’t just happen on dating sites in the Dominican Republic. They happen with girls you meet from all walks of life, especially to clueless foreigners not used to Dominican culture.

That being said…

Once you know a little bit about dating in the Dominican Republic, you won’t want to leave. Trust me on that one.

The thick hips, caramel skin, and sultry, feminine women will have you dying to stick around long past your return flight.

While you have to pay attention to a few scams here and there, they’re generally easy to spot and even easier to avoid.

One thick Dominicana.

Is Dominican Cupid a Scam?

First and foremost, you may be curious if Dominican Cupid is a scam website. To make this as clear as possible…


Dominican Cupid might be the absolute best online dating site in the Dominican Republic.

Each and every single day thousands of Dominican girls log onto the site to chat with men from all other the world and line up times and dates.

These girls are genuine and looking to meet foreign men. Many of them have good intentions and are simply curious about foreign men coming to the Dominican Republic.

They love that you’re curious about their country and culture.

I know many a man who met his girlfriend on Dominican Cupid. Hell, I even have a friend who married a girl he met on the site and has lived happily ever after in the Caribbean. He now has multiple kids with the girl.

Of course, you’ll find some bad apples on Dominican Cupid. Just like you’ll find them on Tinder or any other online dating site you use. Anywhere in the world.

The vast majority of the women on Dominican Cupid won’t be scammers, but you still need to look out for the ones who are.

3 Increasingly Common Dominican Cupid Scams

To avoid Dominican Cupid scams, you need to pay attention to a few common scenarios.

If you can avoid these scams, you’ll be able to meet some stunning women on the website without much issue. Girls that are anxious to meet foreigners for romance and love – not money.

With that in mind, here are some things to look out for:

– Send Me Money –

If a woman asks you to send her money before you meet for any reason, she is a scammer. Never send a Dominican woman money before meeting her.

Well, I wouldn’t recommend sending her money after you meet her, either. But before the first encounter, you need to block and report her immediately if she asks you to send her money in any way, shape, or form.

No matter how convincing she is. No matter how awful the scenario is. It doesn’t even matter how badly her baby needs some type of food or milk.

You must ignore her and not send money before meeting. This is a steadfast rule.

– Bring a Friend or Cousin –

This one always cracks me up. It’s not so much a Dominican Cupid scam, as it is truly absurd.

There are a few poor girls on Dominican Cupid. Often they’ll be chatting with a foreigner just to get a free meal or a few drinks from him.

Sometimes they take things even further and bring a girlfriend or male “cousin” on the date with them, too.

They figure if you’re willing to buy them some food or drinks – then you’ll probably pay up for anyone else they bring along, too.

The funny part of this ploy?

The male “cousin” is often the girl’s real boyfriend who pimps her out to foreigners on dating sites for free meals and a little spending cash on the side.

Seriously, this happens in the Dominican Republic. The girl brings her “cousin” on the date to eat at a nice restaurant.

The foreigner, his date, and the other guy have a nice meal. Then the “cousin” leaves and the girl goes home with the foreigner.

I’m not making this up.

– Always Ask Her Age –

This is the worst scam in the Dominican Republic. I hope none of you ever have to worry about it or even come close to experiencing it.

Here’s how it goes:

You meet a nice girl online. She’s cute, younger than you, and seems pretty normal. She doesn’t want your money and she makes you go on a few dates before anything else happens.

Then you begin hooking up with her.

Next thing you know, her big brother and primos are banging on your front door threatening to go to the cops because you took advantage of his underage sister.

You didn’t check her I.D. – did you?

You did – but didn’t closely examine the picture?

Well, you will go to jail if you sleep with a Dominican girl under the age of 18 years old and get caught.

No matter what the story is.

And you do not want to go to jail in the DR!

Her family knows this. Which means they’ll be asking for $5,000 USD or they’re heading straight to the cops.

Always check the cedula and confirm it’s the same person when dating in the Dominican Republic.

This is true on Dominican Cupid and off.

I don’t even care if she scams me 😉

Understanding Dominican Culture

Many a foreigner is concerned about Dominican Cupid scams and gold-diggers while in the DR. I definitely understand that.

It can be difficult to discern which girls are regular, normal girls who just want to go to a nice bar every now and then…

Versus which girls are tried and true chapiadoras or even hookers, looking to get their hands on your money and absolutely nothing else.

A “gray area” exists in the country.

However, once you know more about Dominican dating culture and how things work here, you shouldn’t have any issue getting acclimated and meeting lovely girls who like you for you.

While the tips and tricks above should ensure you avoid common scams in the country, make sure to check out a few of our other articles before dating in the Dominican Republic.

Applying the tips below will make finding a sexy Dominicana who isn’t after your money easier than ever before:

Dominican Cupid Scams: What Every Foreigner Should Know

Enough about Dominican Cupid scams.

The vast majority of girls on the site have no interest in scamming you. They simply want to date a foreigner. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Which means…

You’ll find a lot of sexy Dominican girls eager to respond to your messages when using the online dating site. No hype.

Real women who want to go on a date with a dude visiting her country and learning about her culture.

Don’t believe me?

Sign up for Dominican Cupid by clicking here and see for yourself!


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