The Ultimate Dominican Cupid Review | Is It Worth It?

If you’re thinking about heading down to the DR to date a few cute chicas, then it’s a good thing you stumbled upon this Dominican Cupid review. There’s no better way to meet women in the Dominican Republic than this site. Absolutely none.

You just have to know how to use this online dating site in the Dominican Republic. See, here’s a lot of hype online about this site, but I’m here to set the record straight about the benefits of Dominican Cupid and the downsides.

If you’re looking for no-B.S. advice about whether to pay for this online dating site or not, you’re in the right place.

I’ve seen other Dominican Cupid reviews online and they were created by guys who haven’t even been to the Dominican Republic. These posts talked about response rates and getting girls contact information, like their Whats App info or Instagram.

The problem is that stuff is damn near irrelevant in the Dominican Republic.

Girls have no issue giving their social media accounts and Whats App info to most guys, especially foreigners. Even if they’re not romantically into you, they know that contact could turn into a profitable one down the road.


  • Tons of active members.
  • More English speakers than any other dating site in the DR.
  • High-quality features and operated by Cupid Media, which guarantees 100% privacy.
  • The easiest way to get dates in the Dominica Republic.


  • Dominican Cupid costs money.
  • You won’t be the only foreigner.
  • Some girls will be interested in money more than you.

You’re not spending money on an online dating site to get contact information. You want to get dates. You want to meet the girl in person and see if you like her. If you do, then you want to get her back to your bedroom from some Caribbean loving.

That’s exactly what I’ll be showing you. How to use Dominican Cupid to get girls who are into you for you and want to have sex with you.

If that’s the type of information you’re looking for, then keep reading this Dominican Cupid review.

Also, feel free to skip ahead to other sections. This review is nearly 3,000 words long…

If any of those sections are what you’re looking for, just click the link.

You’ll be taken straight to the source.

For men looking for a general overview of Dominican Cupid and if it’s worth the money, keep reading below.

What is Dominican Cupid?

Dominican Cupid is the premier online dating site in the Dominican Republic. No lie. No hype. This site just works.

Established in 2006 by Cupid Media, the site is well-known throughout the island and used by Dominican girls, men, and foreigners alike.

Dominican Cupid is popular because you’ll find more Dominican girls on this site than you will on any other. While Badoo and Tagged used to have a ton of members, they’re practically worthless these days.

If you’re looking for the best online dating site in the Dominican Republic, then Dominican Cupid is where you’ll start and finish.

Is Dominican Cupid a Scam?

Short Answer: Not at all! Dominican Cupid is a legitimate online dating site where you will meet sexy Dominican girls – if you use it properly.

Long answer: I know the first time I was looking for online dating sites in the Dominican Republic I kept searching for sites I’d used back home. Tinder and OkCupid had some girls on it, but I kept running out of matches and girls to message quickly.

So I did some research and stumbled upon Dominican Cupid. I quickly made a free profile and started looking around on the site.

I thought it had to be fake. Seriously, I was immediately convinced that Dominican Cupid was a scam. I was sure of it. But I decided to pony up some money for a monthly membership and see if I could get any dates out of it.

I was in Santo Domingo and there were thousands of girls active every single week. I sent out 50 or so messages and then waited. Trust me, I didn’t expect many responses. I had chosen some of the hottest Dominican women I could find and I was almost positive they were fake.

Then some of them started replying. Shit, a few of them even were sending messages in broken English to me.

Either these scammers were pretty damn good or the sexy Dominican girls on this site were real. I replied to all the girls and we started chatting. Contact info started flowing in and I began lining up dates.

Now, the real test was upon us. Would these Dominicanas actually show up for dates?

To my pleasant surprise, about half the girls I lined up dates with actually showed up in person. Now, a few weren’t exactly on time, but that’s to be expected in the Dominican Republic.

You might be saying…only half showed up? Yes, only about half that I scheduled dates with ended up showing up. Why is that good? Because Latinas are known for being flaky and I was scheduling a couple dates a day.

And a couple that did show up were some of the nicest girls I’d ever met in my life. They loved foreigners and were incredibly sweet to me. Plus, the sex was pretty damn incredible. If a Dominican woman likes you, she’s going to put one hell of an effort into rocking your world in the bedroom.

I’ve been hooked on Dominican Cupid ever since.

The Ultimate Dominican Cupid Review

Enough with my experiences, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of using Dominican Cupid while you’re in the DR and see if the site is for you. Here are a few positives and negatives about the site

– Dominican Cupid Review | Pros –

  • Tons of Dominican Girls

To put it simply, Dominican Cupid has more active girls than any other online dating site in the DR. This site gives you the best chance to meet girls while in the DR. You’ll find way more women on this site than you will on Tinder, Latin American Cupid, or OkCupid.

  • Looking to Meet Foreigners

Not only are there tons of women on this site, but they’re looking to meet and date foreign men just like you. Dominican girls who are on Dominican Cupid are searching for men that are from other countries. You’ll definitely get a lot of attention if you open up an account on this site.

  • Decent English Levels

Since lots of the girls here will be looking to meet foreigners, you’ll find English levels are ok on this site. I found around 35% of girls who replied to my message spoke some level of English, although it was never fluent.

Even if a girl doesn’t speak much English, Cupid Media makes life easy on both of you with built-in translation tools. You’ll never have an issue with things getting lost in translation here.

  • Easy to Use, Great Features

Cupid Media produces fantastic online dating sites all around the world. They do a great job of deleting scam profiles and keeping their sites relevant. Dominican Cupid is full of real profiles, incredibly easy to use, and offers great features that make finding the perfect Dominicana for you easier than ever before.

  • Easy Way to Get Dates

While it’s not difficult to get dates in the DR, you’ll find more girls from Dominican Cupid will want to meet up with you than from anywhere else. This site is chalk full of girls looking to go on dates and hook up with foreigners.

With a little effort, there’s no reason you can’t meet 2-5+ girls every week you’re in the DR – just from messaging on Dominican Cupid!

  • Ideal For Short Trips

Due to the ease of setting up dates on the site, I highly recommend Dominican Cupid for men on short trips to the DR or for guys new to the island.

No matter how long you’re in town, you will find many women more than willing to meet up for a few drinks and some dancing. Dominican girls love foreigners and this site gives you the best chance at meeting them quickly.

– Dominican Cupid Review | Cons –

  • It Costs Money

Dominican Cupid costs money. You can sign up for a free membership and browse profiles, but you won’t be able to send or read messages without paying. While it sucks that the site costs a little bit of money, the low monthly cost is well worth it, especially when you’ve already spent money on coming to the DR.

  • There are Gold-Diggers

You’ll find some of the women on this site are only interested in money. There are gold-diggers and chapiadoras on Dominican Cupid. That’s just how things go. The good news is most of these women are easily spotted once you’ve used the site for a few weeks.

I got a few numbers from chapiadoras using this site my first couple weeks. Then I realized a few surefire signs of chapiadoras and quickly stopped messaging or replying to those girls. There are way more normal girls on this site than gold-diggers.

  • There is Competition

You won’t be the only foreigner using Dominican Cupid. Many men have found out how great the site is and now use it every time they’re in the Dominican Republic. You’ll find the attractive girls do have more than a few suitors looking to take them out.

While some view this as a con, I see it as a good thing. There wouldn’t be many guys on the site if it didn’t work so well. Plus, once a Dominican girl really likes you, she’ll often suspend her account and devote all of her attention to you. I’ve met plenty of loyal girls using the site.

How to Use Dominican Cupid While in the DR

If you’re thinking about using Dominican Cupid while in the DR, you’ll need to know exactly how to use the site. Luckily, that’s not complex at all. Here’s what I recommend:

  • Sign Up For Dominican Cupid. 

Just click here to sign up for Dominican Cupid. You’ll be taken to a screen like this:

Start here.

Once here, you’ll fill out the form and then be able to view the girls. Click the search tab and type in your specifics. Scroll through a dozen or so pages and if you like what you see…

  • Pay for a Gold Membership. 

I found the free membership worthless if you actually want to meet Dominicanas and the Platinum Membership to offer no extra benefits. If you want to meet women, then buying a Gold Membership is all you need to do.

Go with Gold.

  • Create Your Profile. 

While I could go in-depth here, I don’t think that’s necessary. The Cupid Media team has made signing up and creating your profile easier than ever before. Just follow the steps laid out in front of you and the site will help you create your profile.

You’ll want to upload three photos and Cupid Media will make sure they clearly show your face – or they won’t accept them.

Make sure you upload a photo with you in a nice dress shirt or suit. Dominican Women love guys who dress well and this will get you more replies.

When writing your profile, be a little less aggressive than you would back home. Talk about wanting to understand Dominican culture, dancing, and a woman that can cook. You don’t need to write much here. Less is more.

  • Start Messaging Dominican Girls.

Once you’ve upload photos, they’ve been approved, and you’ve filled in your profile – you can start messaging Dominican girls. That’s really all there is to it, but I’ll break things down a little more in the tips below.

Thousands of girls use this site every day.

7 Dominican Cupid Pro Tips

If you’re looking to spend some money on Dominican Cupid, then there are a few things you should know that will ensure you get good value out of your membership. And by value, I mean Dominican women in your bed upon arriving in the country.

Here are a few tips:

  • Best Photos: Your photos matter in the Dominican Republic. Dominican girls respond to a few things especially well. For example, if you have great photos of you in a suit or fancy dress shirt, you should use it on your Cupid profile. Dominicanas love a man who dresses well, as this shows he has money, status, and class. Physique also plays a role here, but you’re better off with photos of you dressed well than of shirtless ab pics.


  • Targeting English Speakers: If your Spanish is bad or you don’t want to learn, you can target English speakers on this site. You’ll find over 500+ girls using Dominican Cupid every week in Santo Domingo who claim to have “good” English speaking ability. While that’s debatable, these girls will chat with you in English. Just check here on the site:

The easiest way to find English speakers in the Dominican Republic.

  • Special Searches: My favorite part of Dominican Cupid is the “special” searches. After paying for a membership, you can search for women by bust size. Yes, you can search for girls with huge boobs on this site! You can also search for girls who say their best feature is their ass, which I’m a huge fan of. If you know what I’m saying.

The bigger the better!

  • Easy Opening Lines: You don’t just want to say, “hola como estas” or “hola hablas ingles” on Dominican Cupid. You won’t find great response rates doing that unless you look like a model. You also won’t find a great response rate using English only unless you strictly target girls who claim to speak English in their profile. Your opening line will be dependent on your Spanish levels and a few other things. For the most part, you’ll want to type 3-4 sentences, including what you do and why you’re in the DR, before asking her out for a drink or coffee. I usually throw in, “me gustaria conocerte mejor porque me encanta tu sonrisa.” It’s cheesy, but I’ve had good luck with it.


  • Get Her Contact Info Quick: Don’t waste too much time on Dominican Cupid. Get here Whats App information after 2-4 messages back and forth. Then start chatting with her there. The longer you stay on the dating site the less chance you’ll actually meet her.


  • Different Media Matters: When chatting on Whats App, you’ll want to use different forms of media. Write her messages, but also send her voice notes in Spanish and English (if she understands). This will give you a better chance of meeting her. Also send her some pics, especially if you’re traveling around and doing cool stuff. Dominican girls love attention like this and sending her voice messages and photos will make it more likely you end up meeting.


  • How to Pipeline: You can start writing girls 1-3 weeks before you head to the Dominican Republic. If you don’t speak good Spanish, then a more time is better. If you have great Spanish, then one week of messaging girls is all you need before you arrive. For those already in the country, then try to get the girls out on dates within 1-3 days of getting their number.

Dominican Cupid girls aren’t ugly.

Ultimate Dominican Cupid Review | Is It Worth It?

Yes! I wouldn’t write this Dominican Cupid review if I didn’t think the site was beneficial to most guys traveling in the country.

If you’re going to the Dominican Republic and looking to meet sexy girls, then Dominican Cupid is the absolute easiest way to schedule multiple dates with attractive girls before you arrive and while you’re on the island.

With thousands of girls active every single day, you’re sure to get your money’s worth when using this online dating site. Many guys have lined up multiple dates each week and some have even found a loyal Dominican girlfriend.

For men going to or living in the DR, it’s might be the best money you’ll spend…

~ If you’re ready to meet more Dominican girls than you’d ever thought possible, click here to sign up for Dominican Cupid today ~ 

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