Sex in the Dominican Republic: From a Traveler’s Perspective

Many a man has wondered about sex in the Dominican Republic. They probably met a sexy Dominicana in New York or Miami, then quickly began to wonder what life might be like on the island. It’s easy to view life in the DR as one big parade of sex and beach vacations.

The reality is slightly different. While there’s plenty of sex in the Dominican Republic to be had, things don’t operate how you might expect. A majority of the people living in the DR live in or around the poverty level. This means cash is king.

Due to the financial realities of living and dating in the Dominican Republic, things work differently than in the U.S. or the U.K. Where you might view a girl dating a man 20-30 years older than her as disgusting, the practice is fairly common in the Dominican Republic.

Whereas a girl in Europe might break up with you if she catches you cheating with another woman, your Dominican girlfriend might come to expect it – if you’re providing her with a chance to get away from poverty.

That’s the way life goes in the DR. The dating culture in the Dominican Republic is different. Sex in the Dominican Republic is different. Girls look for different things, they have different expectations, and value certain things that western girls may not.

What Dominican Girls Look For in a Man?

I’m a huge fan of Dominican women. Don’t get me wrong. There’s a good shot I’ll marry one someday or at least have a love child, but these girls value things differently than women from back home. They have to. If Dominicanas thought like western women, they all be living in the streets and homeless.

Dominican culture is rough around the edges. This means women have less margin for error when selecting a mate. Many Dominicans are poor and have little¬†job prospects, especially the women in the DR. This is even truer when they’ve had a child already.

Once you understand this, you’ll get why many Dominican girls look for men who:

  • Have Money

Money is king in the DR. The more money you have the better-looking women will want to sleep with you. That’s just the way life goes here. A nice car, a sick apartment with a view, and label clothing tell a woman everything she needs to know in the Dominican Republic.

Dominican girls value money and resources more than women from other cultures. They have to. Men here often struggle financially and these girls know how hard life can be without solid finances. Since money is rare here, the girls value men with money more than western women.

  • Have Status

Dominican women often equate status with money. Rappers, athletes, and even people with a YouTube channel have clout and value to Dominican girls. Where girls in the U.S. may just want a good looking guy with nice abs, the Dominican girls would far prefer a guy who has status over a good looking guy any day of the week.

  • Are Older

Dominican men are notorious for cheating on their women. As such, many young Dominican girls get sick of them quickly and look for older men. Dominican women love older men who are financially stable and looking to settle down.

Many Dominican girls are relationship-oriented and looking to have a family. These girls gravitate towards older men, as they understand these men have the means and desire to have a family, too. The young stud they have the hots for doesn’t have either.

Paying For Sex in the Dominican Republic?

Due to the financial status of many women in the DR, paying for sex in the Dominican Republic is common practice. The country also made sure these girls could support themselves by legalizing the practice. Prostitution is legal in the Dominican Republic.

You’ll find brothels, sex hotels, and bars filled with hookers throughout the island. Most men coming to the island to sleep with hookers prefer to stay by the beach. As such, cities like Sosua have gained fame around the world for their stunning beaches and seedy nightlife.

If you want to pay for sex in the Dominican Republic, you’ll find girls happily willing to accept your money anywhere on the island. Sosua, Puerto Plata, Las Terrenas, and Santo Domingo tend to be the most popular cities.

There’s other ways to pay for sex in the DR outside of brothels and hookers. In the Dominican Republic, there exists a phenomenon called chapiadoras. A chapiadora is a woman who is obsessed with money. It’s all she cares about when looking for a date and a mate.

A chapiadora won’t sleep with you unless you have a nice apartment. A chapiadora won’t sleep with you unless you take her out to a nice dinner beforehand. Sometimes a¬†chapiadora won’t sleep with you unless you go to a nice disco and buy a fancy bottle of liquor.

Even if you do all these things, she still might not sleep with you. It’s her choice because you’re “dating” her and she’s not a hooker. You’re still spending money on her, probably more than a hooker in Sosua, to have the chance at sleeping with her.

There are many wonderful girls in the Dominican, but chapiadoras certainly aren’t some of them. Instead of wasting time with women like these, you might as well just go pay a hooker.

Sex in the Dominican Republic: From a Traveler’s Perspective

If you’re a man looking to pay for sex in the Dominican Republic, then you know where to go. Head straight to Sosua and have the time of your life. There’s hot women, amazing beaches, and tons of good times to be had. It doesn’t matter your age.

For guys looking to date Dominican girls, the dating culture and legal prostitution make things different. The main thing is you have to screen girls. You have to find a way to know if a girl likes you for you or if she’s looking for a payday.

This will take some time, but you must find a way to tell if a girl only likes you because she thinks all foreigners have money or if she has a lust for you. While I’m no genius, I’ve only found one simple way to screen the girls in the Dominican Republic.

You have to limit the amount of money you spend them before you start having sex and get into a relationship. Take girls on cheap dates in the Dominican Republic. Invite her for a coffee or to have a beer at a regular bar.

P.S: There is a fine line to this. You don’t want to appear cheap even though you want to actually be cheap.

Ask her to walk around Zona Colonial or invite her to have dinner at your place on a subsequent date. By taking girls out on cheap dates in the Dominican Republic before you have sex with them, you’ll be screening for girls who actually like you and not just your money.

Once you understand sex in the Dominican Republic, you’ll understand how important this is. If you want a loyal Dominican girlfriend, then this is what you must do to begin. You have to make sure the chapiadoras are screened out. They’re just more trouble than they’re worth!

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