Dating a Dominican Woman: 7 Tips and Tricks

When dating a Dominican woman is what you want and need to live your best life, you’ve come to the right place.

When you need those thick thighs, caramel skin, and Latin fire in your life – there’s really only one option. Find you a Dominicana to date. Luckily, it’s never been easy to travel down to the Caribbean and meet a stunning Dominican girl.

With cheap flights and the Internet, you can even start meeting girls before you arrive in the Dominican Republic.

But today, we’re talking about dating a Dominican woman and how to do it right. If you understand the DR, it’s easy to meet a stunning Dominican girl and get into a relationship with her.

If you don’t understand the country, you’ll get eaten alive.

That’s why you’re here. To learn the game in the Dominican Republic and make sure you find sexy Dominican women, who are also genuine with you.

The tips and tricks below will help you do that – and so much more. So, you can sit back and enjoy some Caribbean love while sipping a Presidente on the beach.

Chapidora o no?

7 Tips and Tricks: Dating a Dominican Woman

So, let’s dig in and find you the Dominicana of your dreams. It won’t be easy due to the culture of the Dominican Republic, but it’s certainly possible.

Use the tips and tricks below when dating a Dominican woman is what you need in ya life:

#1. Understand The Country

This is essential. You must know how things work in the Dominican Republic. Mainly, you need to understand women and their motivations in this country.

Everything is secondary when you don’t know if you’ll have enough money to feed your children next week. That’s the reality of many poor people in the DR. So, many Dominican women value money over anything else.

They’re grown up in or around abject poverty. Therefore, they are attracted to money. Sure, they’re attracted to looks, muscles, and more. But deep down, they won’t ever want to date a man unless he is financially stable.

Luckily, being from a western country, she will believe you have money already. This creates a phenomenon called, “Chapidoras” in the Dominican Republic. Well, Dominican guys with money have to deal with it, too.

But basically, the girls will expect that you spend money on them – no matter what. And if you don’t, they lose attraction for you and won’t give you that good Dominicana loving. Not what we want.

She fine.

#2. Know What She Wants in a Man

Not only do Dominican women want a man with money, but they’re attracted to some other stuff, too. Mainly, you’ve gotta be masculine to get by in the DR.

Like I’ve said before, life can be tough in the Dominican Republic. And this means Dominicans become tough and street smart. They know the drill. They’ve got the game.

You might just because she can’t probably spell basic words in Spanish that she’s stupid. But that girl will finesse you out of more than you’d ever imagine with her street smarts.

This means you’re going to be putting up with some bullshit before you start dating a Dominican woman. As such, you need to be masculine as can be while in this country. Puff that chest out. Don’t put up with any shit. She won’t.

Dominican men are laid back and fun loving, but hyper-masculine at the same time. You want to act similarly in this regard. Don’t be jealous, but show her you don’t put up with any of that shit, either. She’ll respect you for it.

And we all know what happens when a woman actually respects you. Whatever you want, in and out of the bedroom.

#3. Learn the Game

Now, if you do well with women in your home country and have no issues decoding their bullshit, then Dominican girls won’t be much different – except for the Chapidora stuff.

However, the game in the DR is a little different. If you’re new to the country, I have one recommendation that’ll speed up your learning curve. I’m talking about you becoming an expert at dating Dominican girls.

And who wouldn’t want that?

So, here’s how you can become a mack of the Caribbean…

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Dominican Cupid is legit. Most people think online dating sites like this don’t work, but I promise you that you’ll meet more women using this site while in the DR than any other method.

There are thousands of girls using this site every single day in cities like Santo Domingo and Santiago.

By using this site, you’ll meet and date dozens of Dominican girls quickly. You’ll learn about the game in the DR and be able to decode the games. Then, you’ll know how to act when you meet a girl that’s worthy of dating.

If dating a Dominican woman is important to you, don’t discount this tip and learning the game in the DR.

#4. Meet Her Family and Friends

Now, this one is optional. But if I’m about to get serious and start dating a Dominican woman, I want to know where she comes from and how her family acts.

If she lives with her mom and pregnant sister in the ghetto, well, she may not be the one you want to wife up. Just saying. Enter at your own risk in situations like that.

But, there are many Dominican girls who are close with their families and friends. Whether they live in the barrio or not.

If you’re serious about her and understand the game in the Dominican Republic, you’ll know that learning about where she comes from and how her families lives is essential to understanding her motivations when dating you.

#5. Keep Her Satisfied

I won’t dig too deep into this one. If you know what I mean. But you should know, that Dominican girls don’t have high expectations when sleeping with a foreigner. They don’t expect you to be as good as the local Dominican thug in her barrio.

But she doesn’t care. Because he’s broke and she can fuck him whenever she wants. He won’t spend a penny on her and she knows that.

So, she’ll spend time with you while you spend money on her. Then she sleeps with you a few times to keep you on the line – while banging him whenever she’s back in the barrio.

Not a great situation if you’re looking for a girl to seriously date. But, there’s some good news. If you can keep her satisfied in the bedroom, she’ll literally become addicted to you.

You can flip the script on her. Instead of you buying her dinners and bottles at the club, she’ll be buying you gifts and coming over to your nice apartment to hookup whenever you want.

You’ll become even more of a prize because she’s never been with a foreigner that could give it to her as well as the local barrio guy she loves to sleep with.

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#6. Watch Out For Her Inner Chapiadora

I must restate this because it is so important. Even if you think you know a Dominican girl, you must always watch out for the Chapiadora in her.

Many times it’s a test. She’ll want to test you and see what she can get out of you. She’ll test you to see if her pussy can make you weak.

Give you some of the best sex you’ve ever had and bat her eyelashes at you the rest of the evening. Then two days later give you some sob story about her sister not having money for her baby.

They’re street smart.

You’ll have to make a judgment call. Personally, I have a zero-tolerance policy for barrio girls. Once I sense the “chapi-chapi” coming out in her, I cut her off for good. No more interactions, invites, sex, or anything.

I have helped out two middle-class Dominican girls who I knew well and trusted. One I was dating. Neither one of them burned me. They both followed up on our agreements. But we had known each other a while before these situations popped up.

Make sure you’re always on your toes in the DR. Don’t get too comfortable, jefe.

#7. Decide If She’s the Dominicana For You

If you meet a number of Dominicanas, then you should have a good idea when she’s a good one. When it’s time to start dating a Dominican woman.

It can be tough in such a fruitful dating scene for a man with a few dollars in his pocket. But I will recommend you don’t push aside a good Dominican girl.

The loyal ones will make you feel like more of a man than you’ve ever felt before. You’ll have to deal with some bullshit to find one of these, but they make it worthwhile. For real.

Caribbean girl.

Dating a Dominican Woman: Overall

That’s about it for today.

Dominican women can be great, even in relationships. You just need to know where to find, how to play the game, and what to look for.

This guide should give you an idea of how to find and keep a great Dominicana.

If you’re ready to start doing that, just click here


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