The Ultimate Guide to Spanish Pickup Lines: Become Suave Today!

Want to know the perfect Spanish pickup lines that will make that Dominican nine dripping wet and wanting to jump your bones?

If “yes”, I’ve got some bad news for you.

Pickup lines don’t work. They never have.

You see, most pickup lines were never meant to be used to charm women. They’re comedic one-liners. They’re based on puns and wordplay.

For example: “If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put u and I together.”

Eye roll. That line might create some giggles but it won’t create attraction.

Pickup lines exist in other languages too – check out “piropos” in Spanish. Here’s one example:

Hola, soy un ladrón, y estoy aquí para robar tu corazón. / Hello, I’m a thief, and I’m here to steal your heart.

Yeah, I know. Lame, right?

How about this one:

“Tantas curvas y yo sin frenos” / So many curves and me without breaks.

Spanish piropos don’t translate well. And even when they do, they still suck.

These lines are not going to to get you laid like Enrique Iglesias in Latin America. You might get some laughs. And “laughter is the best seduction”…

But clowns are not slamming dating and mating with hot chicks every night after the circus. Well, maybe some circus groupie chicks who have a clown fetish.


But you know what’s weird?… You, as a foreigner, will get a better reaction from a Latina if you use a piropos or Spanish pick up lines. Better than if a local used a piropo. Gringos get more leeway. Latina girls will think you’re cute.

So now that I’ve bashed Spanish pickup lines and you’re about to stop reading, hold on…

Kinda-funny pickup lines don’t work… but there is the right thing to say and the wrong thing to say.

In any language.

You need lines that appear spontaneous and natural. Funny one-liners don’t do it.

Seduction is primarily verbal so there are some lines that will create attraction.

And that’s what I’m going to teach you today. Natural and casual Spanish pickup lines that are the right thing to say when speaking to a hot Latin woman.

Sound good?

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Where’s Your Head At?

Before I give you the material, you must have the right mindset.

Just like an actor gets into character before he delivers his lines… you need to get your Latin Lothario head on before you start delivering pickup lines in Spanish.

What’s the essential mindset to have if you want to be a master swordsman in Latin America?

This: LEAD.

She wants you to lead. She doesn’t want the responsibility of making decisions. Hell, she just wants a stress-free date night where you take care of everything.

Here’s how you lead in Spanish: Don’t ask her what she wants to do. This is vital on dates with Latinas.

No “Quieres…?” (Do you want…?)  or “Te gustaría….? (Would you like…?)

Save being overly polite for when you meet her parents.

Lemme give you an example of leading in Spanish.

I was on a date with a Colombiana in Bogotá. We had a couple of drinks in a pub. Then we bounced to another place and had two more beers and danced a few songs.

Once I’d had enough Colombian beer and didn’t want to hear any more Salsa music, I said “vamos” (Let’s go) and stood up. She grabbed her coat and followed me out of the club.

I started walking, without saying a word.

After about five minutes of walking, arm-in-arm, towards my apartment…  She asked: “Donde vamos?” (Where are we going?)

“A mi apartamento por un rato para escuchar música.”  (To my place for a bit to listen to some music)

“Pero solo un rato” (But just for a while)

Every offer needs to a be a small commitment:

  • Coffee date.
  • “Pop up to my apartment for a few minutes. Then you have to go”.

From asking for the number to going the date, to getting her back to your place… you need to offer small upsells.

Okay, that’s your mindset: lead and small upsells.

Good, now let’s get to the good stuff.

First Contact…

Or what some guys call “opening”. This could be either online or in person.

For you opening message online, you want to comment on something in her photos or in her profile.

If her profile says she likes: wine, travel, walks on the beach, Britney Spears movies, whatever,…say you like them too.

It’s not lying, it’s flirting.

Here’s how you do that in Spanish:

“Veo que tambien te gusta…” (I see that you also like…”)

If her profile says something about “no busco sexo.” Or “Si quieres sexo, no me hables, sigue buscando” (If you’re looking for sex, don’t talk to me. Keep looking.)

Of course, you’re not one of those guys. Well, you are – you want to bang her all night, but you can’t say it until she’s naked in your bed.

That’s how the game works. Spanish pickup lines or not.

So you’re going to show her that you’re nothing like those other guys:

“Te han hablado muchos idiotas, verdad?” (You’ve had messages from lots of idiots, right?)

Don’t let her ramble about “bad boys”, just show her that you sympathize with her in the beginning.

Okay, that’s online… what about meeting in person?

Here’s the basic structure when you’re daygaming in Spanish:

1. Get her attention
2. Tell her the reason you’re talking to her
3. Go into your cover story to show some value

To get her attention, use “Hola” if you want to keep it simple. Or “Oiga” if you want to be bold. Or “disculpe” if you want to be polite.

Next, throw out a simple compliment:

“Te vi y te quería hablar” (I saw you and I wanted to talk to you”)

Or something like this:

“Te vi y me pareciste bonita” (I saw you and you looked attractive).

Make her feel good, and make her feel comfortable.

What if the girls are in a group?

I often use: “Son hermanas?” (Are you sisters?) This line works well in Latin America because many girls hang out with their sisters, cousins, etc.

Even if she says “No”, she will explain to you who she’s with “work colleague”, etc.

If you’re out in a club, your opener needs more situational context. I like to ask:

“Es su cumpleaños?”

Or something like this:

“Quien es la cumplañera?” (Who’s the birthday girl?)

Going out at night to celebrate a birthday is very common in Latin America

Here’s one other simple night game line: “Que celebran?” (What are you celebrating?)

If your dance game is tight, and you want to be more direct, “Quieres bailar? (Wanna dance?) or “Baila conmigo” (Dance with me) work well.

Your Cover Story

Once you’re in a conversation after your not so Spanish pickup line, you need to get your backstory.

Remember: You’re a foreigner, and that’s your main selling point in Latin America.

Tell her why you came to her country and what you’re doing there.

She will ask: “Estas de vacaciones?” (Are you here on vacation?) But you need to tell you her you’re not, or she won’t take your advances seriously.

One time, a girl asked me why I came to Peru and I made up this story on the spot…

I said that my friend back in the US had gone to Peru, and had met a nice Peruvian girl. Then he took her to the US and married her. I added that I hung out with them and she told me a lot about Peru. So I came to visit and learn a bit more about the culture.

See what’s going on in this story?: I have friends who like Latin women and want marriage/family. My friend gave a Peruvian girl a great life. And I came to Peru because I’m interested in the culture.

If you feel that your Spanish isn’t up to explaining such a story, here’s a simplified version:

“Mi amigo de Los Estados Unidos se casó con una Peruana, y ella me contó mucho del país. Asi que queria visitar.”

Done. Game over.

Instant puppy dog eyes and heart swell.

Getting Her Number in Spanish

Whether you’re online or speaking in person, one simple line is:

“Tienes Whatsapp?”

Note: All the girls in Latin America use it. They don’t have enough money to pay a cell phone contract so they use Whatsapp for all communication.

If she says “No tengo” (No, I don’t have), it means she’s not interested and you made a mistake in the pickup.

Or she’s too poor to even talk to.

But don’t let her get out of it so easy. Reply with “Me das tu numero?” (Will you give me you number?)

If she says she doesn’t have a cell phone, she’s a liar. Walk away or unmatch her on Tinder.

There are too many contingencies on the date to talk about here. But here’s some general advice: talk about your family – Latin girls are very family oriented. Talk about your travels and your job.

Show an interest in her culture. Ask her questions about the country.

Ask lots of questions about her country.

Learn about her culture.

Ask her about things you find funny in a non-threatening manner. If she takes that well, lightly tease her about these cultural differences.

Once you’ve done that, lead as I said earlier, and start heading towards your place. If she asks where you’re going, use these lines:

  • “Vamos a tomar vino en mi apartamento” (We are going to drink wine at my apartment.)
  • “Me enseñas a baliar?” (Will you teach me to dance?)
  • “Quiero aprender unos pasos?” (I want to learn some steps.)

From there, upsell small and be bold. She’ll follow.

They always do.

Spanish For Mating

Once you get her in the bedroom, it becomes much more about using your body language to seduce rather than words. But there are still a few Spanish pickup lines that you can use to get sexual.

Bedroom Spanish is more about using imperatives. For example:

  • “Ponte comoda” (Get comfortable)
  • “Quitatelo” (Take it off)
  • “Besame” (Kiss me)

When giving pleasure in the bedroom, throw out a “Te gusta?” (Do you like it?). Or if you’re receiving pleasure, say “Me encanta” (I love it).

Latinas are passionate women and being with you may be a new experience for them. So a little extra communication can go a long way.

The Ultimate Guide to Spanish Pickup Lines: Become Suave Today!

Once you’ve had sex, now you’re in the relationship-management territory. That’s a whole different ballgame.

For this quarter, I’m just teaching Spanish pickup lines and seduction.

Buena suerte.

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