The Best Dominican Beach City to Live In As a Single Guy?

The Dominican Republic is a country known for a few things. Two of them? Dominican women and Dominican beaches.

As a Caribbean island, the country is chalk full of some of the absolute best beaches in the world. We’re talking white sands and stunning blue waters. The waves are often calm and the sunny is always shining.

One of the reasons many people take their first trip to the DR is the white sand beaches. Then they keep coming back for the Dominicanas. Literally.

Still, anyone who has been to Sosua or Punta Cana for a weekend knows the game isn’t easy in these beach towns like it might be in Santo Domingo or Santiago de los Caballeros.

In fact, it can be downright difficult to get laid in a Dominican beach city. That’s because many of them are full of tourists and prostitutes. That mixture makes it damn near impossible for the average guy to meet a cute Dominican girl in these places.

Best Dominican Beach City to Live In As a Single Guy?

That wasn’t good enough for me. I wanted to live by the beach and have some sexy girls, too. I wanted world-class Dominican Republic beaches and sexy Dominican women all day, every day. Girls that liked me for me, not my wallet.

So I started searching. I traveled around the DR looking for the absolute best places to enjoy beaches, nightlife, and a solid standard of life in the Dominican Republic. Sadly, none of the cities I found were perfect.

Where tourist flock, so do poor girls looking to make money off them. That’s just the way things go on the island. So I looked further and used all the resources at my disposal.

Then I found them. A few places where you can meet normal Dominican girls and enjoy all that Dominican Republic beaches have to offer. It’s not easy, but it is doable. Here are the best Dominican beach cities for single guys:

Puerto Plata

I’m not talking about Sosua here. I’m talking about Puerto Plata City. The city offers a number of decent beaches within walking distance of many hotels. It’s also bigger than any other city on this list – with nearly 200,000 people living in the city of Puerto Plata.

So, you’ll have a number of women to choose from. Puerto Plata girls are quite attractive and you can meet normal chicks here. Just be careful and screen carefully. Many girls spend a little too much time in Sosua for my liking.

Overall, if you want to live by the beach and be able to date Dominican girls, Puerto Plata is the best spot in the Dominican Republic.

Punta Cana

I’ve talked about how to get laid in Punta Cana before. It’s not impossible, but it certainly isn’t as easy as the game is in Santo Domingo or Santiago. You’ll have to put in work here to meet sexy Dominican girls.

The good thing about Punta Cana? There’s always tourist girls from all over the world here and modern amenities abound – even though it’s not an actual city. With online dating and a good budget to party, you can meet some stunning women here.

If you like tourist areas and want to live by some of the prettiest beaches in the world, then Punta Cana is an absolutely amazing place.

Monte Cristi

Now we’re getting to the underdog picks. Nobody goes to Monte Cristi. Unless you’ve lived in the Dominican Republic and traveled extensively throughout the country, I doubt you even know where this place is. That’s the best part about it!

No other travelers even know where Monte Cristi is because it’s a small city on the northern edge of the DR. The only easy way to get there is through a bus from Santiago. You won’t find great Internet and there’s only a few hotels.

You’ll have to use Dominican Cupid and Latin American Cupid to meet women throughout the whole providence of Monte Cristi. The city only has 50,000 people, but the providence has 150,000. You can meet any girl in the providence if you have some time and use online dating.

I only recommend Monte Cristi for experience travelers who speak Spanish and use online dating. But the women here are worth it! The Dominican beaches are amazing, too, but you have to do things right up here or it’s a waste of time.


With nearly 100,000 people living here and barely any tourism, Nagua is one underrated Dominican beach city. You’re sure to have some exotic value here, especially if you plan to spend a decent amount of time.

The beaches within the city are just ok, but just a little bit outside the city you’ll find some of the best beaches I’ve ever seen in my life. And the Dominican women here? Let’s just say Nagua girls are known for being thick.

If you like wide hips and thick thighs, I’m confident you’ll like Nagua. My Nagua girl for the two weeks I was in the city may have been the thickest girl I’ve ever been with in my life. I’m talking good kind of thick. Maybe my sample size was small, but wow!

Nagua isn’t the easiest city to get to or move around in. Expect to take a guagua or two while you’re here.


Cabarete is a tourist hotspot for Americans, Canadians, and Europeans. The place offers great waters for sports like surfing, wind surfing, and more. As such, you’ll find more tourists living here than other places, especially young ones.

It can be hard to meet normal Dominican women here in Cabarete, especially at night. You’ll be able to meet tons of traveling girls, but at least half of them will only be interested in hooking up with a Dominican guy for their week of vacation romance.

Overall, I didn’t like living in Cabarete as a single guy. If you had a Dominican girlfriend it could be fantastic, but it’s not a good place to meet women. Cabarete is not barren like the next couple cities, but it’s not great. I’d pick other Dominican beach cities way before it.

Las Terrenas 

As a foreigner, you’ll be hard-pressed to find girls that don’t want to be paid for sex in Las Terrenas. That’s just the way things are. Samana is one of the poorest areas in the Dominican Republic and most locals just don’t have much.

Yet, they see travelers come to Terrenas and spend tons of money. They want some of that, and sex is often how they make their piece of the pie. Plus, Las Terrenas is a small, small town. The city and surrounding areas might have 60,000+ people. So everybody knows everybody here.

You’ll see a few travelers coming through Las Terrenas, but this isn’t a backpacking hotspot. So the volume isn’t great. Overall, you’re much better off bringing a girl from Santiago or Santo Domingo. The Dominican beaches in Las Terrenas are absolutely amazing, but the women are not.


I’m not even going to waste my breath about Sosua. You won’t meet any normal girls in Sosua. If she’s around travelers in Sosua, then she is looking for money. Make no mistake about it. That’s how things go in Sosua.

However, the Dominican beaches in Sosua are pretty stunning and definitely worth a visit.

Do You Need Spanish? 

Here’s the thing about Dominican beach cities – you’ll need to speak Spanish or you’ll be treated like a tourist the whole time.

In fact, I wouldn’t even venture to places like Monte Cristi or Nagua unless you can hold conversations in Spanish. You just won’t meet many English speakers in these small towns that see no foreigners.

Luckily, it’s not difficult to learn a little Spanish any longer. With online resources, you can be damn near conversational before you even head to the DR.

If you don’t know a lick of Spanish, you’ll need to start with the basics. For that, I recommend you start with Rocket Spanish. The program is in-depth and will take you from beginner to conversational in under three months.

If you can already mutter a few words and are looking to use your Spanish for dating, I found the perfect solution. There’s a program called Pickup Spanish that teaches men how to flirt with Dominican girls in Spanish.

It’s detailed and sure to help you meet and mate with some sexy girls. Trust me, I used the program with great results 😉

Learn more about Pickup Spanish here!


Dominican Beach Cities For Single Men

The DR has some amazing beaches and some amazing women. Sadly, there’s nowhere that the two combine perfectly. While Las Terrenas and Punta Cana are filled with some of the best beaches in the world, Santo Domingo is filled with the best Dominicanas.

Still, you can meet some women at the beach in the DR. Just sign up to Dominican Cupid and have them aching to meet you right when you arrive!

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