Why Tinder In The Dominican Republic is Absolutely Amazing

It was my first trip to the country and I quickly learned why Tinder in the Dominican Republic was absolutely amazing!

I can’t lie. I was excited. So excited that I had booked 2 weeks off from my boring cubicle job and all I could think of was palm trees, white sandy beaches, and of course caramel-skinned Latinas.

I wanted to hit the ground running as soon as I arrived so I started speaking to girls 2 weeks before I left. I bought Tinder Plus, changed my GPS location to Punta Cana, and started swiping.

After I got a few matches, it was time to start chatting with girls. One girl stood out. She stood out because she was keener to meet than any of the others.

She was mixed, with a huge bubble butt and big tits. Once I got her Whatsapp, she showed me how interested she was.

First, she sent me a photo of her huge cans. She had sneaked into the storage cupboard at work, unbuttoned her uniform, pressed her tits together with her arms, held her smartphone out in front of her, and snapped a pic.

That got me even more excited about going.

A few days later she sent me a photo of her naked in the shower – I was frothing at the mouth. I told her the date and time of my arrival and hoped that she was the real deal.

Punta Cana, DR.

My First Experience with Tinder in the Dominican Republic

On the day I arrived in Punta Cana, I checked into my hotel and messaged the girl to say that I was in town. She said she would meet me in 2 hours.

We agreed to meet at the café near my hotel – really near, two buildings away. My logistics were perfect.

Before I left the US, she asked me to bring her a small gift. “Here we go,” I thought “She’s going to want me to bring her a pair of Prada sunglasses or a Gucci bag.”

Nope. She wanted a keyring. She said she collected them from all around the world.

No big deal. I wasn’t going to lose out on a bang for a measly 5 bucks. I got her the keyring.

5 minutes before we were due to meet, I put on some jeans and my best shoes to go meet her. I deliberately left the keyring in my room so we would have to go back there to collect her gift.

I waited outside the café. She arrived on time. She walked towards me wearing a pair of Daisy Duke shorts, flip-flops, and a grey shirt that struggled to contain her tits.

The first thing she said was that I was too dressed up. I didn’t realize how relaxed everything is in the DR. There’s no need to dress up if you spend every day at the beach.

We went inside the café. She ordered a Mango juice and paid for it. I was impressed. I had heard that Latin women expect men to pay for everything, but this girl had a job, her own money, and an independent streak. This was something I liked.

We made small talk over our mango juices, the usual: how long would I be in the DR, where I learned Spanish, etc.

After we finished our juices I mentioned that I left the keyring upstairs and that we should go get it. She agreed but wasn’t overly enthusiastic.

Something like this.

When we got inside the living room of my hotel suite. I told her the keyring was in my room and started walking that way. She didn’t follow me. She told me to go get it.

Ok. I went to my room to grab the keyring, came back and gave it to her. She smiled – I had kept my word.

I asked her if she was going to give me a thank-you hug. She opened her arms wide and embraced me.

That was my chance. She hugged me tight and I turned my chin towards her face and went in for the kiss. Tongues were darting back and forth and my hands were running all over her. “We should go,” she said.

I didn’t push. I knew it was a sure thing. In the past, I had ruined things with girls by pushing too hard, and I knew from the raunchy photos and the passionate kiss, that I would bang this girl.

Using Tinder in the Dominican Republic

From there we left the hotel and went for a date at the zoo.

After playing around with Capuchin monkeys for a couple of hours, she took me back to her place to swim in the pool.

After a quick swim, we went up to her room to shower. She showered first. I undressed and put on a towel on.

When she came out of the shower in just the towel, I knew this was my chance. I pulled her towards me on the bed and unwrapped the towel.

I kissed her all over and ran my fingers down between her thighs. She was soaking wet, and it wasn’t from the shower. I grabbed a condom out of my bag, put her on her back and entered her.

Having fantasized about this girl for the past 2 weeks, and now finally it was the moment, the nerves got to me. I came after 5 minutes, but she seemed happy.

It was my turn to shower now. As I washed, I thought about modern technology. Because of Tinder, I was spending my time swimming and banging a curvy Latina.

Life was good. Tinder in the Dominican Republic was awesome!

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