The Time I Seduced a Dominican Pornstar

Yeah, I may have seduced a Dominican pornstar before. Don’t hate the player, hate the game…

“She’s been on a few porn sites,” my friend said.

“What?? What’s her name?” I grabbed my phone, opened Google, removed parental settings and searched.

He was telling the truth. She’d done a few big-titty photo shoots and cam girl videos, but no hardcore videos. But she was on Pornhub, damnit!

Maybe Dominican pornstar was pushing it. I could record a home movie of me and my girlfriend doing the horizontal mambo, upload it to a tube site and I would be more of a pornstar than this girl.

But banging a pornstar (even a quasi one) had always been on my bucket list.

My buddy had gotten her number from Dominican Cupid, but never got her out on a date. He was leaving the country soon so I begged him to give me her number.

It took a lot of pleading and negotiating – I had to give him another girl’s number in exchange – but he eventually gave it to me.

At first, I didn’t have much more luck getting her to meet than he did. Then one night, I was sitting at home with nothing to do and got a text:

“┬┐Que haces?” (What are you doing?)

It was the Dominican pornstar.

“Nada. ┬┐Quieres salir?” (Nothing. Want to go out?) I quickly and eagerly replied.

After lots of back and forth about where we would meet up, and how she would get there – I tried to send her an Uber but she didn’t know her address – I told her to take a cab and that I would pay when she arrived.

We agreed to meet up outside a grocery store near my place in Santo Domingo. I did all my pre-date prep and went to wait outside the store.

My Dominican Pornstar Experience

She arrived and got out of the taxi. She was taller than I expected: – 5’9″ in flat shoes, wearing a baseball cap, tight ripped jeans and a top with black and white horizontal stripes.

Overall, she looked ghetto. That would be an understatement. Maybe she hadn’t made much money from Dominican porn. Or maybe she had but squandered it all.

I didn’t care. I just wanted to get her back to my place.

While I had considered taking her out somewhere for a drink when I saw how ghetto she was dressed and remembered that she was a pornstar, I decided to take her straight back to my apartment.

She was quiet at first, looking up at the skyscrapers around as we walked back to my place.

After a 3 minute walk, we walked through the door of my apartment and I offered her a drink. She declined. Not good.

I invited her to sit on the couch while I grabbed a juice. I sat down next to her. She wasn’t much of a talker. I guess you don’t have to give speeches to be a big tit model. So I took charge and did most of the talking.

At one point, she rested her head on my lap. “It could be on,” I thought.

I invited her to the bedroom to watch Netflix on my big screen TV. She agreed.

Once we got the room and sat on the bed, I showed her the film selection. She stared at the TV with big eyes as if she’s never seen one before. I decided against a movie and put on some bachata music.

I stood up and grabbed her by the hand. We danced 3 songs, getting closer and closer with each Romeo Santos tune. On the last one, we were dry humping.

After dancing we went back to the bed, and I started to escalate. Kiss first, then hands. I took off her baseball cap. She kicked off her shoes. I took off my shirt but she didn’t copy me – I guess she was embarrassed by the size of her tits.

This size girl.

The Experience of a Lifetime or a Letdown?

Taking her jeans off was a struggle – they were so tight it took two of us to get them off.

There I was naked and she was in her panties with her top still on. The pink thong came off with no problem. I kissed her again and reached on top my nightstand go grab the condom from the open wrapper – always prepared.

I slipped it on while still kissing her. Then I grabbed her by the hips and swung her on top of me. She reached down, grabbed my dick and sat down on it.

She rode me like the Energizer Bunny until I felt I was about to blow.

Then I rolled her off and put her on her back. I entered her and she pulled one tit out of her top for me to lick while I pumped away.

Afterwards, we both got dressed quickly without saying much except for taxi arrangements. We repeated the same quiet walk to the grocery store to meet her taxi.

I gave her some money for the taxi, but she started bitching about me treating her like a whore – she wanted more money.

Disgusted, I threw the taxi money toward her, turned around and walked away. I was annoyed.

But at least now I can tell my friends I banged a Dominican pornstar.

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