9 Dominican Cupid Dating Tips: How to Get the Most Out of Your Membership

I learned these Dominican Cupid dating tips the hard way.

Many a Dominicana showed me more than the ropes when I first got to this island paradise. And not in a good way!

Luckily, I learned how to get the most bang for your buck when using this online dating site. If you know a few quick tips and tricks, you’ll be able to schedule dates on Dominican Cupid every single week.

Until you’ve got a stunning Dominicana to call your girlfriend.

If you don’t heed my advice, you’ll get stuck messaging back and forth for hours on end and never meeting girls. You’ll spend money when you shouldn’t have.

You just won’t get the value out of the dating site, which is a paid dating site.

9 Dominican Cupid Dating Tips: How to Get the Most Out of Your Membership

I shouldn’t have to say this.

I’m not even going to include it in my list of tips below. Because this is common sense. But I will break it down really quick for anyone who is unfamiliar with the Dominican Republic…

Never send girls money before meeting them!


This is not necessary and almost always a scam. Just don’t do, amigos.

No matter what the stunning Dominicana says to you. No matter how convincing her story. Never give in to these tales – especially before meeting a girl.

P.S: Read my full Dominican Cupid Review here.

Now, that we have that little tidbit out of the way. Here are some of the best Dominican Cupid dating tips to ensure you get great value out of your membership:

  • Get Started Early

You should begin to write girls a few weeks before you head to the promised land known as the Dominican Republic.

If you don’t speak some Spanish at this point, then more time is better. If you’re fluent in Spanish, then one week of chatting with chicas is all you need to do before you get to the island.

For men already in the DR, then try to get the girls out on dates quickly. Ideally within 2-4 days of getting their number.

Overall, I love to use Dominican Cupid before I arrive because I like new girls waiting for me to get to the island.

  • Your Photos Really Matter

Even though looks aren’t the end-all in the DR, your photos matter here.

Dominican girls respond to certain things incredibly well. For example, if you have great photos of you in a sharp looking suit, you’ll definitely want to throw it up on your Dominican Cupid profile.

Dominicanas cherish a man who dresses well, as this shows he has money. And money matters in the DR! Because Dominican girls equate money with status and class.

Physique and being in shape also matters in the Dominican Republic, but you’re better off with photos of you dressed well than of flexing pictures.


Because many Dominican dudes are in great shape. Not that many have a great career and finances. You want to set yourself above the pack.

  • Learn Some Spanish

I’ve found writing a profile in Spanish and then translating to English at the bottom works well. But overall, it’s not a huge deal either way.


Because the most important part of learning Spanish is using it to chat with girls and when you go on dates. Even if you have perfect Spanish on your profile, the girls will still want to know if you can speak Spanish in person.

They want to know you’ll be able to have a conversation together, as Dominican girls are tired of men who come to their country but can’t speak any Spanish.

If that sounds like you, then I recommend clicking here and starting to learn some Spanish before you come to the Dominican Republic.

  • Target English Speakers

If your Spanish is awful or you’re too lazy learn, then I’ve got some great news for you today. With Dominican Cupid, you can target English speakers specifically.

And there are a lot of them! You’ll find over 500+ girls on Dominican Cupid every week in Santo Domingo.

These are Dominicanas who truly believe they have “good” English speaking ability. While that’s more than up for debate, most of these women will write with you in English.

Just go to this area of Dominican Cupid after buying a membership:


For men who don’t speak Spanish, this is almost a must while living in the Dominican Republic. Even Tinder doesn’t have as many English speakers as Dominican Cupid.

  • My Favorite Searches

This one may or may not be of use to you. But my favorite part of using this dating site is the “special” searches options.

By special, I mean specific and sexual. After paying to use this site, Cupid will let you can search for women by their bust size. Seriously! You can search for women who only have giant boobs here.

You can also search for girls who claim they have an amazing ass, which I’m a huge fan of. It’s like just searching for Instagram thots.

  • Make Things Easier at the Start

Don’t “open” a Dominican girl on this site by saying, “hola como estas” or “hola hablas ingles” from the start.

The response won’t be great response rates doing that unless you’re a blonde model. Plus, you won’t find a great response rate here if you only use English – unless you’re focusing on girls who mentioned they speak English in their Cupid profile.

The Dominican Cupid opener you use will be dependant on your age and your Spanish levels for sure. But for the most of us, you’ll want to write out 2-4 full sentences. Make sure to include what you do and why you’re going to the wonderful island nation known as the DR.

After you fill those things in, you can ask her out for a drink or coffee. Sometimes I throw in, “me gustaria conocerte mejor porque la verdad me encanta tu sonrisa.” It’s cheesy as hell, but I’ve had good luck with it.

  • Get Her Off the Site

Don’t waste time messaging with a girl on Dominican Cupid.

Your goal is to get the Whats App information after a couple messages with here. Then you immediately move the conversation there and start chatting with her.

The longer you chat with her on Cupid, the less of a chance there is that you actually meet up with her in person. Ever.

I see way too many guys come to the DR and chat with girls for weeks on end, usually on Dominican Cupid. Then they never end up meeting the girl they’ve chatted with for hours. Don’t be this guy. We’re here to date Dominican girls. Not chat with them.

  • Build Comfort Through Media

When you get to talking and flirting with a girl on Whats App, you want to use a variety of media types to engage here.

If you just write her messages, she might get bored. But if you also send her flirty voice notes in Spanish, you’ll have a much better chance of meeting her in person – especially if she thinks your accent is cute.

Also, you should send her some pics of you, especially if you’re traveling and generally doing cool things. Dominican girls love attention.  If you keep sending her photos and voice messages, she’ll start to make meeting up with you a priority. Because she’ll start to become comfortable with you.

  • Talk to Lots of Girls

This should be self-explanatory, but you should be chatting to dozens of girls once on Dominican Cupid. While it’s ok to have favorites, you shouldn’t agree to make her your “novia” until you’ve met in person and truly gotten to know each other.

It’s sad how many guys I meet who chat with one girl for 2-3 weeks, then come to the DR just to see the girl. But the girl never shows up for a date or responds to more messages.

They get all depressed and I have to tell them…

There’s millions of single girls in this country looking to date a foreign guy! Just get back on Dominica Cupid.

Seriously, you should have at least a handful of girls wanting to meet you before you arrive. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Is Dominican Cupid Right For You?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

Dominican Cupid is the best online dating site in the Dominican Republic.

If you’re new to the country, then it’s well worth the money to test out the site for 1-3 months. You’ll meet so many women and are sure to make some memories when using this site.

Just follow the detailed tips above and you will get the most out of your membership. And by most, I mean dates with a lot of sexy Dominican girls!

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