Barahona, Dominican Republic – The Ultimate Men’s City Guide

Barahona, Dominican Republic is a hidden gem located in the southwest of the DR. The women here are highly attractive and they don’t see foreigners often. I planned to stay here for a weekend before heading to Bahia de Aquilas.

I partied a bit and ended up enjoying my time in the city so much that I came back for a week after visiting the Bahia. The Dominican girls in Barahona are fine, the beaches around the area offer great views, and the vibe in the city is ideal.

If you want to get off the beaten path and meet some sexy girls in Barahona, it’s definitely possible here.

Dating Dominican Ratings

Looks of Dominican Girls in Barahona: 3.75/5

How Easy Are Dominican Women in Barahona: 3.75/5

Barahona, Dominican Republic Overall: 4/5

Breaking Down Barahona, Dominican Republic

  • Populations: Around 140,000 in the city.
  • Costs: Everything is cheap here. You should be able to find a hotel for $25-30 a night.
  • Safety: I didn’t have any issues here. It’s the DR. Typical safety precautions should suffice.
  • Climate: Hot and tropical. This is a city by the beach.
  • Tourism: Book a tour to Bahia de Aquilas. Check out the local beaches.

What Do Dominican Girls in Barahona Look Like?

The girls here look better than I expected. Maybe that’s why I’m hyping the place so much. I didn’t expect anything here, especially because no one in the DR even talks about this place. The girls just looked decent.

I’d say the average is a little darker than Santo Domingo, but these girls tend to be quite fit. The girls here are a little slimmer than in other parts of the DR, but tend to have big busts like most Dominican girls do. It was a sexy combination.

Where to Stay in Barahona, Dominican Republic?

You can stay in the city center or at a few oceanfront resorts a few kilometres from the city. Both are fine options, but not ideal to combine beach time and women. If you want to get some sex in Barahona, I’d recommend staying near the Malecon.

There are a half-dozen or more hotels on or near the Malecon in Barahona. I’d recommend staying here. The hotel options in Barahona are way better than apartment rentals. I stayed at Hotel Loro Tuerto and was happy with the place. Just make sure to pay for two guests if you want to get laid.

Another solid option seems to be Maria Montez Hotel. I didn’t check it out, but have heard good things.

Sex in Barahona: Is It Difficult? 

Good looking girl here.

I wouldn’t say it’s hard to get laid in Barahona, Dominican Republic. You definitely will sleep with girls on the first or second date. The issue is not making a scene. As foreigners are rare here, you’ll definitely be remembered.

As with most small Dominican cities, you’ll want to try and keep a low profile. Focus on quality girls here and don’t try to bang every woman you see. The girls here will be more relationship-oriented. If you see a girl a few times, she may want to be your girlfriend. Just understand this while in Barahona.

How to Get Laid in Barahona, Dominican Republic

If you use online dating here, you should get laid in Barahona. The girls here are more than willing to meet up with a foreigner. Nightlife isn’t amazing and there are no great places for day game here. That leaves online dating as the best option.

Online Dating

There aren’t tons of women online in Barahona. You’ll run out of options rather quickly. Still, it’s the best way to meet women here.

  • Dominican Cupid: Nearly 100+ Dominican girls use this site every month in Barahona. It’s your best option to meet girls here bar none. If you want to get laid in Barahona, you’ll want to sign up for this site.

  • Tinder: Not a ton of swipes. A few pretty cute girls, though. Worth it to swipe, but don’t expect more than a couple decent matches. Small town Dominican girls just don’t use Tinder that much.
  • Badoo: While there weren’t too many girls on Tinder, there are hundreds on Badoo. As much as I hate Badoo, it’s worth using in Barahona if you have a profile.
  • Latin American Cupid: Unless you plan to stay in Barahona for a month or more, this site won’t be needed. If you plan to stay awhile, you’ll find 70-80+ girls not on Dominican Cupid that use LAC every month in Barahona.

Day Game

There’s no real malls or anywhere to day game in Barahona. It’s the DR. If you see a cute girl and she looks at you, feel free to go talk with her. You could walk along the Malecon and the beach areas in the afternoons and see some women. Again, this won’t be too fruitful unless you’re in the right place at the right time.

Nightlife in Barahona

The nightlife in Barahona isn’t great. It’s a small city and most people know each other. If you want to party, you’ll find a number of bars around the Malecon. There are also some “car wash” bars, too. The only place that really stood out was Escandalo Drinks. The place was packed every weekend with blaring bachata, merengue, and a little reggaeton.

Speaking Spanish in Barahona, Dominican Republic

You definitely need Spanish here. I didn’t meet one person who spoke English well in this city outside of one tour guide. If you want to meet Dominican women in Barahona, you’ll 100% need to have a decent grasp on the romance language.

That’s not too hard these days. To begin learning, I recommend checking out a program called Rocket Spanish. The course will take you from a beginner to having conversations in Spanish within 3-4 months.

If you want to learn Spanish to flirt with Dominican girls, then you’ll need to check out Pickup Spanish. The course teaches you how to fluently flirt with women in Spanish, which will make dating in the Dominican Republic so much easier.

Beaches in the area.

How to Meet Dominican Girls in Barahona – Your Detailed City Guide

If you’re headed to Bahia de Aquilas, then stop off in Barahona for a week or so to meet some Dominican girls. The place is truly underrated, as no tourists go here and the women look better than I expected.

It’s no Santiago de Los Caballeros, but you’ll have a good time with the ladies here. Just make sure to sign up for Dominican Cupid before you arrive.

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