The Petite Dominican Girl That Seduced Me

She bumped into me on the dancefloor. I ignored it the first time. My back was facing the other directions and I figured it was just someone walking by. Then the petite Dominican girl put her tiny, little backside right next to mine.

I knew that wasn’t just any random encounter on the dancefloor. I turned around to see a sexy little girl vying for my attention by grinding her shapely little butt right on me. My buddy laughed as we locked eyes and I began dancing with this little girl.

She was sexy, too. Most Dominican girls are known for being thick, as some would say. Dominicanas often have thick thighs, bubble butts, and ample busts. I was more than a fan, but this girl was different.

She was tiny. I felt like a giant around her. She had great curves, too. She was just so small. I had never met such a petite Dominicana. Well, I may have seen a few but I’d never been bumping and grinding with one.

Something like this.

The Petite Dominican Girl That Seduced Me

See, here’s what happened…

I’d been meeting most of my Dominican women through Dominican Cupid.

It was an easy way to meet dozens of girls each and every month I was in the DR. I couldn’t get enough of the site, although I was becoming a little addicted to it.

Luckily, my buddy convinced me to go out for ladies’ night while in Santiago de Los Caballeros. He was hyping everything up to me. Telling me how ladies’ night was even easier than online dating in this small Dominican city.

I didn’t believe him at all, but he bought a few Presidente beers and the night was off to the races. We got pretty hammered on cheap Dominican beer at a local calmado and then grabbed a taxi to the nightclub.

We walked into the club and were the only foreigners in the whole place. It was going to be a good night. The club was filled with stunning women from Santiago and we made our way to the bar for more beer.

After getting our booze and grabbing the lay of the land, my petite Dominican girl made her presence known as we moved around the dancefloor.

We danced for a bit before I took her to the bar and poured a few shots in her. She seemed thankful, like she hadn’t had much to drink the whole night. More dancing and drinking commenced. This tiny Dominicana wouldn’t leave my side.

I took her outside to the smoker’s section and tried to talk in broken Spanish. We could barely communicate. But it didn’t matter. We were making out soon thereafter. She had so much energy as she kissed me and I couldn’t help but get turned on.

Maybe my buddy was right. Ladies’ night in the Dominican Republic was better than anything else. My petite Dominican girl and I continued drinking, dancing, and making out when her friends couldn’t see us.


It’s Easy to Get Confused

The combination of hormones, my bad Spanish at the time, and booze made communicating with this little Dominicana difficult. But I knew she wanted me. I just had to figure out how to get her back to my crappy little hotel room.

So, I decided to ask her after we’d been dancing for a few hours:

“Voy a tu casa contigo?” / “I go to your house with you”

She looked at me perplexed. I knew my Spanish was horrid at the time, but she should at least know what I was saying. Eventually, she replied:


Nothing more. Nothing less. I was kind of confused, but she was staring up at me like she wanted me. She wanted to hook up with a foreigner. Ummmm…

I started to rack my brain. I had thought I asked her to go home, but maybe the translation was off. So, I tried another tactic. It was the only thing my drunk, horny brain could think of at the time. This time she understood:

“Quiero besarte en privado.” / “I want to kiss you in private.”

It was like a spark went through her body. She pulled me tighter and kissed me, again. Then she said:


I grabbed her hand and began leading her to the door of the club. Lots of information was lost in translation, but she seemed to be up for it. I whispered in her ear as we walked out the club:

“Ok, vamos a mi hotel.” / “Let’s go to my hotel.”

She smiled and kept walking with me. We hailed a taxi off the street and were back at my hotel within a matter of minutes. I went to take a leak and came back to find her completely naked on my bed. Well, it seems the petite Dominican girl had similar ideas to me.

Her stunning body was so small, yet so well-proportioned. She crawled to my side of the bed and quickly began unbuttoning my pants. The booze had zero effect this night. I was at full mast as my jeans dropped to the floor and she started pleasing me.

Sex in the Dominican Republic is Always Great

The petite Dominican girl didn’t play any games with me. After she blew me for a few minutes, she swiftly turned around and propped her little booty right up in the air. She looked back at me and there was no doubt in the world about what she wanted.

And I gave it to her. Damn. Thinking back on it is so sexy. Such a small girl who knew how to work every inch of her tiny frame. I’ll never forget that night.

We finished up and I rolled onto the bed. Sweat dripped down my forehead and I kissed her. She smiled and rested her head on my chest. A few minutes later and her phone rang. She answered it and immediately got dressed.

We had forgotten to tell her friends about going back to the hotel. Well, she had. I made sure we didn’t see them on the way out. They were wondering where she was.

I threw on some clothes and walked her down to the street. She was so small and cuddly. I gave her a few pesos to cover the taxi back to the club and she was off. Back into the night, as I went back to bed in my horrible hotel.

I never heard from the petite Dominican girl, again. But I’ll never forget that tight, sexy body she had. Overall, nightlife in the Dominican Republic can be a whole lot of fun, especially when you meet girls from the small towns who have never met foreigners before.

But, I still think Dominican Cupid is the absolute best way to meet girls in the DR. Why? Because there’s 1,000s of Dominicanas who use the site to meet men every single day.

Don’t believe me? Just click the image below and browse all the active profiles for free…

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