Dominican Girls and Birthday Fun

The taxi door opened and two balloons drifted out. And no that’s not a metaphor…

Next, my Dominican girl stepped out. She handed me the balloons and dipped back into the back seat to grab a cake.

It was my birthday and she’d gone all out.

I had casually mentioned to her on our first date that my birthday was coming up. I didn’t think anything of it. Then I remembered that birthdays are a big deal in the DR. Especially for women.

Dominican women will have a birth-week or even birth-month. Then they’ll celebrate the special day a with a huge cake and twenty friends in the VIP section of the club.

We walked into the apartment. The ceiling fan slapped the balloons on the way to my bedroom.

“Ponga la torta en la cocina” / Put the cake in the kitchen.

I like cake as much as the next fat kid but I wanted some Dominicana first.

Her Dominican “Cakes”

She wasn’t wearing much so it didn’t take me long to get it off: black tank top and white shorts. Her body was the real present I wanted to unwrap – natural curves and mahogany-colored skin.

She was cool with getting straight down to it – no settling in, no catching up. No, “how was your week?”

I liked that about this girl and about most Dominican girls: they never play sex games.

When her man wants it, she gives it to him. It’s part of her job to keep her man satisfied. Hell, there are plenty more women on the island who will please her guy for her.

And she knows it.

Once we were done, I admired the cake she made and thanked her for the balloons.

She stayed the night. Before bed, she put on a hair net like a lot of Dominican girls do. It makes them look like a ghetto housewife. Yet a curvier, hotter ghetto housewife.

While she was waking taking I shower I slipped into the bathroom. She didn’t hear me through the spray of the water and her singing Romeo Santos songs. She jumped when I opened the shower door and pressed my boner into her back. No time for foreplay. I pushed her up against the glass and slid into her from behind. She turned back over her shoulder, looked at me and winced with pleasure.

After some stand-up shafting in the shower, I was losing my balance on the tile floor. We stepped out, dripping wet. She put the toilet seat down and sat me down on it. She gave me her back, spread her legs, splayed my knees with her palms and sat on my shaft.

I wasn’t sure if it was sexy or dirty to have sex while sitting on the toilet. It sure beats reading the newspaper like my father used to do.

One thick Dominicana.

I sat back, stared at her hair net and enjoyed myself. But after a few minutes, thoughts of dirty toilet water wouldn’t let me finish. I slapped her on the butt:

“Parate” / Stand up.

I wrapped her in a towel, and shuffled her to the bedroom.

I put a couple of towels down. Then I set her on her back and drilled her while looking at the birthday balloons stuck to the ceiling.

The next morning we finished off the cake. At noon I took her to get a Dominican taxi. These are shared cars for people heading in the same direction and want to save money on fares. They remind me of a circus trick where 20 clowns get out of a tiny car.

Young Dominican girls often have to sit on an old man’s knee or get squashed in the backseat by an obese office worker.

My birthday girl hailed down a Dominican taxi and got in the front seat next to two other people. She was pressed into the window of the passengers’ door like it was the Tokyo subway at rush hour.

The taxi sputtered smoke and lurched away. It was the last time I saw her.

I never knew why.

But I’ll never forget the extra effort she made for my birthday.

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